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  1. Which file and value controls the cloud reflection? I'd like to change it to be little bit more like the default.
  2. Freezing. So there isn't a crashlog.
  3. +1 here too. Crashes with 2nd time with client selection.
  4. +1 here too. F-14 crashes with 2nd time client.
  5. Did this too, deleted the fxo and metashaders2 folders and boom. The game hasn't crashed for now after several attemps. Works just fine with reloading older missions.
  6. 1. When ever I load any mission second time. 2. Just Windows Defender, DCS whitelisted. 3. It started crashing few patches ago. The first hotfix version released after the 2.7 introduction worked just fine without crashes. Everything after that just broke the game.
  7. I'm using 1.8 gamma just the same reasons that Schmidtfire said. TDI just looks way thinner and harder to read and it's been like this for over 4 months or so, before the 2.7 patch which by the way crashes everytime on second mission load. Especially with F-14.
  8. Noticed this too. Now I actually got 4 hits with 6 fired missiles. Astonishing to actually hit something in 4 months or so.
  9. Windows 8 compatibility mode works here too. My simple previously mentioned F-14B takeoff and second attempt works just fine. No more crashes on next tries.
  10. Tried one more time with basic mission editor test with only one F-14B and takeoff. Tried it second time and the game crashed. Used mods: Community A-4 mod, T-45C and Taz's Better Smoke v13. Log attached. dcs.log-20210521-144751.zip Then I did repair, removed those mods and tried again, same results. Game crashes on 2nd attempt to load the mission. Another log attached. dcs.log-20210521-145837.zip Specs: R5 3600, RTX 3070 & 32GB RAM
  11. I don't have this "scripts" folder in saved games folder. Only in main folder on other drive where the game is installed.
  12. Geez... Step outside and calm down if it stresses this much. Like I said before, there's no excuse for bad coding. Which is the case in this game.
  13. Sorry. Mine are brown and crashes frequently.
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