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  1. Latest newsletter mentions that some improvement are planned in 2021 for dust, explosions and trail effects. ED propably takes too much into account for players using way too old computers for game that should enter to 2020 nearly next gen effects. At least add option to toggle those off.
  2. Although a real F-14 pilot says that modern HUD is pretty useless in F-14, I still would prefer it to show basic things like altitude, speed and heading. AOA can be seen easily at least in the sim, but looking at the speed gauge etc is quite handful during intense combat. I find it quite pointless to argue what do you prefer or which is better for you.
  3. Doesn't work. Tried it many times by starting all over. Luckily managed to pass the mission by taking off twice at the back of the ship without the catapult.
  4. I tried replacing those default carries with SC versions and they seem to work just fine Far more immersive than those stranded decks.
  5. How about just making it clearly visible and then just review that thought again? It's obvious that IRL it was clearly visible in daylight.
  6. Is this mod still required after the last patch? Patch notes mentions some fixes on the PG terrain so is this now finally implemented?
  7. They presented Mariana Islands almost a year ago and it is still far away from release. So I would not keep my fingers crossed for a long time. They said that the clouds itself are already done but they decided to include the new weather system etc to the whole package so...
  8. Hardly the answer for solving these bugs. Some of them have been here quite some time and they appear time to time again.
  9. +1 This needs to be fixed asap!
  10. EIG being wrong at the B launch is something that I can't understand. Even while it's low on priority, it's nothing else than some textures which can be done in quite little time. Why the hell it wasn't done right at the first place since stuff like RWR is right? Was the A model coming first at the beginning and they changed the focus at some point? Then some other stuff like missing bomb racks...
  11. You know, you can use those B skins on A too, just copy them to proper folder.
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