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  1. So I came here about an hour ago because I had the same issues on my 1st flight. Started cold and dark but skipped some of the startup tests (not sure this is the case) Threw 2 bags on and took off in Cat III. Roll behavior was slow as others have stated. Cat I or III made no difference. I found this thread and tried again online. This time I did everything except MPO as it is in the EA guide. Clean jet with pylons in Cat I. Everything was perfectly fine and the Viper flew as you would expect. Cat III slowed the roll down slightly but still way faster than my 1st flight. Landed, picked up 2
  2. Just tried them both and CV was 3 mins 7 seconds. GND was 3 mins 3-4 seconds. Tried it twice at Batumi which I think should be fine since it's not actually implemented.
  3. It doesn't retrip in my experience. I've been using CV only lately since it's a little faster and still gives me time to do everything else. As the others have said you can skip it all together but I'd rather do it so when it is implemented I'll be good to go. edit - think I'm going to time the difference btw CV and GND. Will post my findings later
  4. Check out Lex's videos on Case 1 recoveries. The general numbers are on-speed @ 600ft and ~1.2 miles abeam or the 180. ~450ft at the 90. ~370ft crossing the wake. All of this should be on-speed.
  5. I have an X45 that I leave at idle during the startup. Here's the general list of items to get the engines started Battery Inverter AC Gen x2 Boost Pumps x4 APU - wait for 100% APU gen Left Engine start - RAlt+Home - wait until it's stabilized Right Engine start - RCtrl+Home - wait until it's stabilzed APU off APU gen off I had the right engine hang during startup the other day so I did as GTFreeFlyer said and went back to cutoff (RCtrl+End), waited until RPM was zero and then started again. It was fine
  6. If I'm staying in the pattern I'll go to flaps full and start pitching down so I don't bust 600 feet. You have to man handle the jet a bit but with 16° NU it's to be expected. On a normal launch I get the flaps up immediately and then there' no need to be rough on the controls.
  7. From my not so scientific research and experience in the DCS Hornet the centerline tank is not behaving like it may on the F-15. I'll try and do some more unoffocial testing tomorrow night.
  8. They're a bit finicky to get a lock but they work. How far out are you trying to lock up targets?
  9. Just as an FYI the wing tank goes on station 7 in that config.
  10. Jesus this thread has blown up. I've been leaving it running the last few days and it always turns off as it should.
  11. The useful information was to not pull all the way back on the stick until you're on speed. Nothing more needed to be said as the first post gave the OP what he was missing. Also if you're going to be a jerk at least do it when it's warranted. I didn't create a thread asking for information that I could gather myself.
  12. The Chuck's guide is kinda more like a strategy guide than a manual. Make your kneeboard from the Natops manual and your APU won't be left on again. Step 17 is to verify the APU is off.
  13. Why don't you time it and provide some actual useful information
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