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  1. Originally Posted by Xtan In the real world, can the MiG-29 rotate at 70 knots? Test conditions: No wind, No mount, Full feul, Full bullets, Full flaps. I only had this happen when i landed to refuel and forgot to centre the trim as i use quite a lot of back trim for landing,then when i went to take off it started rotating early......
  2. Hmmm so it looks like you gotta actively work it to get the best results gonna try that later thx.....
  3. Something not quite right with the radar i can't pick up shit BVR and its nothing to do with jamming,the SU-27/33 radar was a challenge bit this is insane....you have to wait until visual to engage and lock any target,even at 7km its difficult to get a lock........
  4. Personally i like the FM i find it very easy to handle and totally predictable...yes shes a bit twitchy but with good trimming and a light touch she's yet to get away from me when i get ham fisted......i also find the landing very predictable my approach consists of seat of the pants really and visual cues i always approach slightly high,positive trim,speed around 320 once over the threshold at 100agl i reduce power slowly to idle looking at the end of the RNY maintaining gentle back pressure on the stick and she always touches down smoothly with no bounce...the only problems i find are you g
  5. :thumbup:lol ok i'll give ya that one......supposed the excitement was op...lol just pleased is all
  6. I fly for real do you guys ? thought not......desktop jockey know it alls.... a man can't post his thanks to the company for a great model without idiots taking the piss...and no i'm not Scottish I'm Irish.....and yes i smoke a lot too...cigars tho not while flying......:cry:
  7. She seems a bit twitchy at low speed not sure if thats my curves not set correct or a problem with the update
  8. lol very serious......no sarcasm required...at least not yet.....
  9. Awesome wee bird thx ED.....what the SU-27/33 should have been......awesome flight model and stall characteristics,massive power to weight ratio, nimble as hell in a dogfight, makes the SU-27 feel like flying an elephant. Put myself up against 3 FA/18'S ...didn't stand a chance....the R-77's took care of the first two and after a long dogfight the second also.......sturdy wee bird too took a load of cannon hits and was still able to win the fight....the SU.27/33 is usually done after a single cannon hit.........can understand why these wee birds were feared back in the day....You really f
  10. Hi ED can we get an answer please......i cannot find any campaign or mission files for my newly purchased MIG-29 can you confirm if it has a campaign as stated on the product page.....bad enough having to download 100gb of files again to get it to work only to find no campaign
  11. Yes where are the campaign files.....
  12. Young teens and gamers have zero interest in old dinosaurs man they want modern fighters theres a reason the Ace Combat series sells over a million units consistently every release ok i'm not comparing DCS with Ace Combat but it proves a point there is money to be made for sure,why waste resources developing out dated stuff that will only have a small niche customer base......
  13. for sure it's just so frustrating and total overkill man.....i don't mind being outnumbered but to be outnumbered AND outguned is intolerable plus the sheer amount of 120s they carry is insane so your having to dodge and notch like nearly 24 fire and forget missiles then dogfight using the SU 33s main advantage speed and turn rate this of course eats thru fuel....then if you manage that fight another 2 FA/18s then be expected to have enough fuel to fly 100 clicks and land on the carrier in the dark to boot........
  14. Forbidden by whom i wonder ? its a simulation don't understand why they would need permission from anyone.......the systems are never gonna be 100% accurate to real world anyway
  15. heck anything to counter the US jets.......the Russian planes are all FC class also from a monetary point of view a modern jet is gonna sell a lot better than ol bettys from the 50/60/70s if not the aircraft then at least some modern missiles would do nicely.......
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