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  1. This reminds me on Operation Flashpoint from 2001..... 19 years later..while gfx have improved...pathfinding is still on the same level :(
  2. As the title says, I get native abris and ekran despite selecting "english" in special ka-50 settings. regards Ryak
  3. Had the same problem, F14 was not flyable anymore.:noexpression: I went trough this steps : 1. delete F14 module (also manual erase of files in "_download" and "mods" folder) 2. added exceptions to Bitdefender 2020 for DCS and DCS updater (example bellow) 3. REBOOT <--- this one is also crucial! 4. redownload F14 module (setup should not fail now) Exceptions: Hope that helps! ryak84
  4. Hey there! Today ive updated to the latest DCS open Beta and wanted to take the f14 for a spin...... After the update my Bitdefender 2020 Total security reported as follows : I know some AV engines can be quite sensitive... but i never had this in DCS before. False Alarm? ty in adv.:thumbup:
  5. You are very welcome mate :thumbup: ..glad it helped you! As this thread is marked as [investigating] by ED i hope they will get around this problem.
  6. Could you please check your network traffic in conjunction when those stutters ocur? .....are there some spikes too? I am reffering to https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=212325 Only a hint. Hope you will resolve that!
  7. Ok so it is only a bug :smilewink: that makes me happy ty!
  8. So it is intended that closing the canopy makes no difference at all to outside engine sounds? ... thats reallly disappointing...... the most basic dcs module has at least some variation. :(
  9. Hi there Heatblur! First of all thank you very much for this excellent module! I absolutley adore this plane! Well my issue is pretty much the thread title, i always like to have good ingame sound variations .. and coming from other modules like the F-5 ..when i open or close the canopy in the F14 the engine sounds stay always the same. In addition there is no ambient sound for wind (when sitting with engines off). I hope this is not intended? :)
  10. Yes i think many people didnt watch it till the end.... that F-16 tease is insane! :joystick: TY ED!
  11. For me my Android TV was causing my stutters in DCS trough "dashost.exe" in win 10. And i can confirm only DCS.exe was affected, no other sim/game far more demanding than dcs had this issue. See https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=212325 9# Post Maybe one of your other devices has similar functions :huh: PS.: Be aware it also occured while my TV was on standby.
  12. WoW thank you for sharing that! :) Wifi is sadly no valid option for my tv cause it halfes the available downstream for streaming services like netflix/prime. (I just disabled all remote functions on the tv and it stopped flooding my PC.) What is buggin me still, why DCS.exe is so sensitive to this? :mad: I have simulators/games that are far more demanding than DCS and are not affected by that...
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