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  1. Folks on our multiplayer server are complaining about this exact issue today - came here looking for a fix. Pretty disappointed that this has not been dealt with, especially if this has been reported internally.
  2. I can't remember if this has been there for a while, but I noticed this while testing the 2.7 Open Beta. When using the OFP2 rocket pod (I haven't tested other Russian rocket pods) on the Mi-8 and KA-50 (I haven't tested it on other aircraft), the lower poly LOD version of the POD is offset slightly lower than the high-quality one. This is most evident when using the aircraft flyby camera as demonstrated here: https://youtu.be/ib85EGXXZN8
  3. I will double check alignment, but the coordinate was good. The navigation marker was located perfectly on the building, so a CCRP drop would have been effective. The TD when switching to AG mode was off by almost 30 miles. With the actual steerpoint being where intended I don't see it as an alignment/coordinate issue. I am tired of using precision weapons to be honest. In most squad missions I can pre-plan deliver JSOWs in the F-18 from more than 30 miles away and take out targets in multiple locations. I prefer an 80's mission setting where Hornets and Vipers still had to rely on
  4. This is not a steering line issue; the TD is off by 30 miles.
  5. I stay away form the F-16 to avoid disappointment as much as possible, but every now and then I give in and set my expectations pretty low. One of the missions on a favourite server involves demolition of the Assad building on the Syria map. SEAD flights have cleared a path to the target and I thought using the Viper with four MK-84s would be an exciting proposition. The loadout would not include a targeting pod. With the new clouds possible obscuring the target, I wanted to use a CCRP delivery and programmed a steerpoint right on the target. While the navigation information provid
  6. I haven't flow the Mirage in a while and have been testing out different air-to-ground loadouts. I am having problems with the 4 x GBU-12 setup with the two bags under the wings; the first GBU releases without a problem (I bomb a JTAC lased target from about 12,000ft up with about a 5 degree nose up attitude in CCRP. After the second release I hear a bang that usually results in damage on the belly of the aircraft and I usually lose the functionality of one of my main landing gear legs. During the release I am pulling at least 1G or slightly more, so I am not flying into the GBU. This has
  7. Grimes, thank you very much for your help! I had some trouble getting it working as I initialised my script file based on a trigger at mission start with time more than 10. This resulted in an error message although I was confident in my syntax; I changed the starting trigger from Mission Start to No Event instead and it worked. I am now able to set up custom flags, set the values after conditions are met and print results to the screen for a specific candidate by passing the unit name. With my mission being used in a relatively closed environment and then ends once all partic
  8. Thanks for responding Grimes. I think I understand what are you are saying but again I have trouble visualising how this would be implemented and play out. In my mission for instance the number of participants is capped to 8 players, and these are differentiated by 8 x F/A-18C slots, each in their own group. At the start of the mission I want to create the object/table that will house all the information. Seeing that not all players may be have logged in at the start of the mission, I will only detect once they are in by detecting a spawn slot being allocated, or for that group ID to pass a tr
  9. Premise I have built a multiplayer mission that will test the ability of 8 participants where each follow a set of waypoints, and destroy targets with specific weapons. Upon landing, they taxi to an area, lower their tail hook (F-18) and receives their score (pass or fail). Each participant requires 6 conditions to be tracked for a total of 48. Using the ME and triggers to test for various conditions, I have a LOAD of triggers that caters for each individual candidate. Repurposing the mission becomes a nightmare based on the sheer number of triggers that need to be managed. My
  10. I don't want a refund - I would like to get it fixed. Even though it is a hit & miss affair there are some features that I simply can't do without. I took an hour long drive with a LAV-25 on the Syria map on Saturday through the mountains east of Beirut; I had a lot of fun, but it isn't hard to spot where the shortcomings are. DCS physics aside, there are many quality of life changes that can be made that will not require core changes to the engine. The question we are all asking: Is ED spending time/going to spend time to improve CA? Until we get a clear answer we can argue until we
  11. I have to come out and say that I did not consider all the possibilities regarding unlimited fuel/ammo. I did not mean to berate your original post @DimSim - my apologies if it came out as such. If there was genuinely a requirement from ED's many private/commercial clients (military, contractors, test-pilot schools etc.) to change this mechanic to suit their training requirements I suppose it would have been implemented by now. It is also possible that more robust settings are available in the commercial version of DCS and not in the consumer flavour we have. It is not a popularity conte
  12. I must be then - Since Flanker 1 I have never had the need for unlimited fuel or weapons; I would just restart the mission and do it over again.
  13. Very true @QuiGon! I think there is a fair bit of frustration amongst the Bombcat enthusiasts that have been waiting for this feature since the launch. As always, we just need to be patient and hope we live long enough to see these features in DCS.
  14. I would be disappointed if the devs allocated time away from more important tasks to enhance a cheat mechanic that has very little use in the greater scheme of things. For realistic weights for landings, just turn the cheats off for that mission; no need to do it all in one mission.
  15. And this is where things get real interesting. A pilot and RIO builds a working relationship and understanding that will be extremely hard to mimic even by two players that train together in the F-14B and play together on a regular basis. When the Lantirn pod is fixed on the wrong target, the pilot would just mention "nope, the one next to it on the left". The RIO will immediately understand what he means and will make the adjustment in a matter of seconds. Unless there is a shortcut command to 'point' a Jester in the right direction to make adjustments, there is no way that instructing Jester
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