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  1. I noted a while back that many of the air to ground munitions are not attached to the weapons pylons - there seems to be a fixed offset. I don't think it applies to all (I think the MK84's attaches correctly). This is in the current stable release on this date.
  2. And there I was happily flying the KA50 module thinking it is the best helicopter currently in DCS. It is stable, performs well, does what it is supposed to do, looks and sounds awesome, and the systems perform as one would expect. Much like the A-10C II update it would be nice to see a BS3, but I am still very happy with the current version and don't mind the wait. Sorry to see you are so unhappy about it mate, but there is no reason to lose your temper and toss your toys out of the cot like that. We all have bad days I guess.
  3. Thanks. Can you please explain how you initialise the process? In the Youtube videos I see folks turn on A2G mode, then under the Jester menu (weapons) there is a LANTIRN Utility option. I don't see that option in my radial menu at all. Also, does one need to activate/press the keys to get out of standby mode, switch to the TGP camera/tv and arm the laser? Also, how does one select the manual bombing mode required for GBU's from the front? How can one be sure that the configuration is correct without any feedback from the backseat?
  4. The fix doesn't seem to be in the 7 October 2020 open beta update notes either. I fired up the Gazelle again today and wasted 15 minutes trying to troubleshoot the laser issue. Finally aborted my mission and came to check the forums - laser broken...
  5. Sorry to revive this old post, but has there been any progress on the Jester/lantirn matter? I tried GBU12 for the first time today jumping to the back seat, and also trying the mod to operate the pod from the the front seat. I only fly air-2-ground missions, and I have no interest in having a human RIO or playing as a RIO. In my view being able to control the TGP from the front is not that unrealistic when trying to simulate a symbiotic workflow between two humans. What does frustrate me is that in some cases the weapon wouldn't release, and I had to switch to the back seat to work out why
  6. This is one of the most awesome missions - thank you very much for your effort. If there is one thing that can be improved it is the vehicle spawning locations; there are simply too many instances of vehicles ending up on roofs or almost clipped into buildings. I don't know what variables are exposed to allow one to check placement offsets from buildings, but there must be a way to determine ground height at a coordinate position on the map? Can you build in a simple check to verify that a spawned object's location altitude above ground matches the intended ground level at that spawn coordi
  7. PBR - Physical Based Rendering materials/textures
  8. Thanks for the comments gents. At the point in time where this drift occurred, I was still in Nav mode, and had not unstowed the TGP yet. I have a huge deadzone on my Warthog microstick to avoid any jitters, so I doubt whether accidental movement could have caused this, seeing that the TGP was not selected, nor visible in any of the MFD's. I will try that scenario again.
  9. I flew a three objective mission yesterday that requires landing at another airfield to refuel and rearm. I did a cold start at the primary airbase, aligned using stored heading, and flew the mission (armed with MK82's and no TGP). No issues. I then landing at the secondary field, rearmed and refuelled (while the engine was at idle). I loaded up GBU12's, rocket pods and a TGP. I took off and headed to the target waypoint. At around 20 miles from the target, my waypoint tadpole started drifting, and the waypoint started moving by itself close to my current position. At this point I had to na
  10. If I could add some fuel to the fire, seeing that it is 1 April and all... Let's assume for one moment that the additional revenue from a subscription could be beneficial to fixing the core elements in DCS that would benefit everyone. It is also clear that people who are enjoying the current free model would expect to continue to do so. One solution could be to allow Open Beta access only to subscription members ( I apologise if this has been suggested in this thread before). Being a subscription member would also allow access to voting on priority features/fixes in DCS. The stable relea
  11. I own a lot of DCS modules. I run a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, as well Saitek Rudder pedals and Pro Throttle System. Every few updates or so, the inputs become corrupted and I have to redo them for an aircraft I may not have flown for a while. Due to some incompatibilities with other software I occasionally need to disable my HOTAS peripherals in Windows. When I do come back to DCS, some of my devices are swapped around, and I have to redo my control setup in DCS again. I had to reformat twice over the past year due to hardware failures/replacement, and even though I backed up my DCS setti
  12. This is a re-post from one that I made in the ME editing section a few months ago, but with no response from ED. A response on whether this is possible would be greatly appreciated. Problem While FARPs are great for helicopters, it is not friendly towards fixed-wing aircraft. Many have tried to place a FARP with a corner on a road so that if an aircraft touches it with a wheel, it is able to refuel/rearm. Others have made great objects to try and help with this, but there is always an issue with the placement of these objects, and in most cases these simply do not work, or destroy the airc
  13. I can confirm, both taxi and landing lights.
  14. Thanks BIGNEWY, I can confirm that all my drivers are up to date, Windows 10 as well, and that I do not overclock. I am running on a new PC with vanilla DCS Openbeta and only official mods. I will run a repair and see if that makes a difference. I will see if I can make this happen again with the F-18 TGP.
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