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  1. Well i got it working. Works great if i don't look at the cockpit but as soon as i do bam stutters. Turned everything all way down and still the same. Guess ill just have to wait till next OB to see if that helps. Because with out this mod DCS is no playable.
  2. Thanks got it. Now to adjust the mask size. If i recall it was a pain in the arse. i remember my setting hope its still the same.
  3. got it working. now to get the mask size proper.
  4. use JSGME DCS version 50793 only mod i have guess im screwed.
  5. Any other suggestions. if not i just wont play for a while and that is the real crappy part.
  6. Well then I don't know what to tell me either. guess im in the minority that is just wont work for. very sad
  7. do in need both shader packs installed or just the one form your link?
  8. Speed-of-heat your mod is not working unless there are secret instructions. the one that will not pass IC works fine. but the ont that "will pass IC" is not working at all it wont even load. i know this because there is no mask the other one there is a mask. I am not a coder or even close so i don't know what the problem could be. possibly operator error. any help would be greatly appreciated as it is unplayable now.
  9. And the old version that worked and had the mask is no longer compatible.
  10. Which is to bad as it worked very well before latest OB
  11. Then this version does not work i cant get it either.
  12. I need help with my triple set up i have used the warping software fly.elise but my face is smashed against the dash and i cannot zoom in or out. I have been reading the forum and google for days can someone plz help me or point me to a good guide. i should mention that i have already used the dummy guided to lau but i still need help i have 3 22in displays at a 60 degree angle for my racing sims. Chris
  13. I just DL this 3days ago and want my same set up that i have in iRacing(A2.34 2500ir) and have not been able to get it to work. I saw this post, will this setup break my iRacing setup. i run iRacing in surround. Or will i just have to use this program for both. Or worst case enable surround for iRacing and disable for DCS thanks Chris
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