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  1. Farragut class DD Admiral, mandatory with the Forrestal.
  2. Hey Newy, you are improoving sea rendering adding new waves and more stuff right ? By when do you expect to release it ? Will that include ship wakes ?
  3. Congratulations guys you are doing a stunning job . Was wondering if comissioning the old R-11 Principe de Asturias would have sense alongside with the Baleares class FFG. Was a nice strike group after all. And, why not try map modules? AGA San Javier, Los Llanos, Zaragoza or Torrejon ? Rgds. and good job again.
  4. As the tittle says, Im wondering looking at that video if ED is starting aswell implementation of SSN and Boomers and their philosophy for the Marianas map. That would bring ASW to DCS World.
  5. I vote for a unique CV as much accurate as possible ( it takes time ). Standalone classes like the Enterprise CVN 65 or John F. Kennedy CV 67 would be cool, and its a great addition to all the EDs Nimitz + upcoming HB Forrestal class.
  6. Hi, when installing mixed reality + Steam VR for Reverb G2 I set a zoom in switch . Does somebody know how can I deselect it ? Im unable to find it know.
  7. Uhmmmm.......we expect hearing news from Heatblur and their roadmap by this weekend or next week at the latest. Anyway counting that the USS Forrestal has been redone more accurate and eye candy, I would say it will touch the water by the end of May. So, would be nice having a set of scorts according with the era, others than Burke, Tico and so.
  8. I like the Constellation Admiral, good job. Do you plan setting the keel of the Virginia CGN or California for the upcoming Forrestal ?
  9. Congrats and thanks guys ! Any chance for a multicrew E-2C/D ? I would not mind to donate for that.
  10. Has the LDG Up/Dwn options in adjust controls or just toggle ?
  11. Hey Cobra, you mean the roadmap update or the full final release ?
  12. Hey, today flying touch and go on the Carrier I made such a hard landing that my F-18C NWS got out of service. I had no way to taxi out to a stand position, so why not adding a request option to groundcrew menu ? somthing like Request Towing to Stand
  13. We will need an investigation and further update for Reverb G2
  14. Do you also have no textures on the sea ? Tried a MP server with the SC and water is flat absolutely,dark blue and no waves at all.
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