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  1. Fully support 2 previous posts, talking about it a full fidelity E-2D Hawkeye would be soooooooo cool Rgds and good job.
  2. I build a mission on the editor setting Truman speed to 10 knts, getting into, the CVN is traveling at 27 knts.What happens ? Also when attempting a trap with the ALA 12 Hornet, it doesnt catch any wire, and the hook is fully down. I must say that no TACAN channel is selected. Any clue ?
  3. toni

    Ala 16

    Perfecto, pondreis una sala MP especifica? Como empezareis ?
  4. Now that the Tomcat A early access is out, guess HB will speed up the CV 59 plus upgrades . Would say the Forrestal comission will be early 2021. A quite good surface ships Asset Pack from that era would be fantastic.
  5. Hey Admiral great job there, in order to complete the upcoming Forrestal class what do you tell me about a KNOX FFG, FARRAGUT DDG, and BELKNAP CG ?
  6. Excellent guys keep it up ! Any chance by the way to build an America class ship or the CVN 78 as a base for this bird later on ? Even payware would be great.
  7. Talking about Forrestal and assuming is opened to discussion aswell,is there any chance to emulate ED SuperCarrier in a future ? I mean develop a Pri Fly station, maybe a Command bridge or being able to observe from the Vulture Row ? Thanks
  8. Keep on track guys ! Fantastic Job
  9. CVN 68 + CVN 69 should be added later I think.
  10. Brilliant Sir, any chance to develop 70s,80s ships to give scort to the upcoming Forrestal ? Farragut DDG,Spruance, Knox FFG and Leahy CG would be very welcome. Rgds. and good job !
  11. toni


    Hey welcome, would be cool if this new team would focus on Spanish maps.
  12. Im sure Heatblur will not dissapoint . Will be a full fidelity first SuperCarrier, including all the ED SC features, with further upgrades.The only concern is that we will need some scorts from the 70s apart of the OHP.
  13. Uhmmmm interesting ideas indeed, many Carriers I see. Given the effort and the amount of work required,that s why a fully focused Naval Development Team is needed to start designing these kind of modules.
  14. I still hope the other 3 CV will appear at a later date. If not, the best would have been focusing on a unique CV like the USS John F. Kennedy CV 67 or the USS Enterprise CVN 65
  15. A branch focusing high detailed ships and full systems operation would be quite intersting. Hope it comes in a medium future.
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