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  1. Apache is amazing news! Also, please tell me they’re the actual clouds that we’ll get and not for show just for the video?
  2. Same here mate, was spot on a couple of weeks back. I originally thought it was a Windows 10 update that caused it but it's not. Mine was smooth as silk locked at 60fps, TrackIR 5 Pro and 165hz G-Sync but now it's glitchy. I have always ran with V-Sync off in game but on in NVCP and it's always been absolutely perfect. Weird.....
  3. Yeah it was a really poor post to be fair mate, my bad... On further investigation yes, it seems I was trying to lock up the data link targets. Although all I could see on the radar was exactly that, 4x red datalink targets but no lockable targets...odd.
  4. Hi guys. When encountering 4 enemy aircraft flying towards me i can see them on radar but it won't let me lock them up using TMS up. I then had a 1v1 with a mate in his Hornet and i could lock him up no problem? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  5. I think this issue is a Windows 10 update one. I reverted back to the previous beta, the one before the big update and I still get slight glitches, whereas I didn't before.
  6. Definitely 64bit Windows and I haven’t reinstalled or anything. Very strange but I’ll give that a go on the link you supplied. To be honest I’ve been thinking about doing a windows reinstall anyway to tidy things up so this might be an excuse to if other things don’t work. thanks for your help...
  7. Hi guys, Has anyone else had this issue before? It won't let me open up DCS as I'm getting the message 'This App Can't Run On This PC'. Well my PC is wrong because it can and it runs well!! Well, it did! Thanks...
  8. Shame, was hoping the Syria map would be spot on this time round....
  9. Terrain: improved background preload for less stutters Terrain surface textures: improved details at altitude for HIGH terrain texture option Terrain: improved loading resources and memory management Terrain: fixed excessively curved paths Terrain: fixed leak after destroying scene object Terrain: fixed civil traffic disappearing Terrain: fixed grass disappearing Trees: improved far LOD rendering Interested in these fixes...
  10. Hi guys...quick question, how do I reset the Tpod? ie reset to boresight? Thanks...
  11. Lock the frames to 60 in Nvidia Inspector. That's all I've done and it's perfect, monitor still at 144hz. :thumbup:
  12. I’ll give it a go, although I’ve always been under the impression that it makes no odds. Still, worth a shot!
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