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  1. Hey guys, I’ve posted about this a few times but it’s still not fixed. The horrible cloud wobble in 2D. can anyone confirm that ED are aware and are hopefully working on a fix please? The sim is perfect in every way apart from this and its such a shame!! Please ED...bring out a fix! Thanks!
  2. I bet you’re running an LED monitor or an LCD? An IPS monitor will sort this. I’m having the same problems.
  3. What do you mean exactly by messed up?
  4. This is concerning that you’re not seeing the clouds move. Which cloud preset are you using?
  5. It’s not jitter as such, it’s the actual clouds moving, like they’re not anchored to the environment. They wobble like jelly when you roll the aircraft left or right etc. Happens regardless of whether you’ve got the head tracking or not.
  6. Same here mate. I was a VR user but went back to TrackIR as I prefer it. But, this cloud issue with 2D happens regardless of TrackIR. Try flying without it and it does it. Christ knows what the issue is but they really need to address it because clear skies should be a thing of the past.
  7. I’m sure it’s been reported a few times hasn’t it? Same with the shadows in the hills popping in and out whenever a cloud layer is present, causing really bad flashes and flickering. Much appreciated though if you can report the issue again...thanks!
  8. There’s no way we can live with the shaking clouds in 2D. It’s so bad I fly with clear skies now, which is a massive shame because the clouds do look fantastic.
  9. Yeah I’ll second that mate....it’s really bad.
  10. Hey...just wondering if there’s any news on this issue? Thanks...
  11. I hope ED can confirm they are aware of the 2D issue with the wobbly clouds and are on with it...
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