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  1. It is especially difficult if you export targeting pod image, it is totally unusable
  2. No, because not all aircraft have same number of MFDs with same aspect ratio
  3. Provide unique alias for left and right F-16 MFCD so we do not need to switch configuration when switching from F-16 to other planes and vice-versa, Currently it uses generic LEFT_MFCD, RIGHT_MFCD
  4. I find the JF-17 flight planning using F10 map perfect for multiplayer, any chance of Viper getting the same capability?
  5. Typhoon is less mature then Rafale, basically because no one was in a hurry to upgrade Typhoons. In general, I tend to agree that Typhoon has greater potential for future upgrades due to larger airframe and more powerful engines, however, Rafale has a head start. As for the main disadvantage stated in the article, there's been talk of a new improved M88 engines offered for export with thrust of ~90kN which would put it on par with current eurojet engine.
  6. I'm not sure if 30XX would be justified purchase right now (unless you're using VR or 4k res), in my experience DCS is pretty much a RAM hog (32G is a must for online multiplayer with ground units) and CPU intensive (got better lately since it utilizes multiple cores), while GPU is not the limiting factor in most cases.
  7. Almost always autostart: - my time is very limited and I'd rather fly/fight then perform mouse clicks on buttons in sequence - flying multiple aircraft makes it easy to forget a step or two for a particular aircraft - once you've done full manual start a few times...it is boring, so Win+Home for me while I get myself a drink from the fridge
  8. yes and have to do it after every update...
  9. I do not think I have to explain, please make unique viewport names instead of generic LEFT_MFCD, RIGHT_MFCD like we have for Shkval, ABRIS, JF-17 MFDs to make multi-monitor setup easier. It is trivial effort Thank you
  10. I'll record/decode some tracks on DDCS when I get some time to fly. From my experience it is rather poor as of lately with very low probability of hitting the target even under favorable launch parameters. I do not know if it can be explained by only kinematic nerf.
  11. AnarchyZG


    CM-400 and C-102, C-102 is actally the more interesting one with its parachute loitering mode. I don't think we have something like that in DCS (closest behavior would be GB-6 SFW submunitions)
  12. A few days ago I had the engine lose power and restart after strafing a ground target in Jeff. Could that be it? P.S. I did notice similar situations before low level, AB, hard maneuvering so it might be AoA related or something
  13. Which trick are other targeting pods using to be able to stabilize beyond that range? F-16, F-18 don't seem to have such limitation
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