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  1. JTF 501 | EMO | 913 - 5 years - F-16C UTC -8. I also run a YouTube/Twitch channel that I would gladly stream this too for those who cannot make it. YouTube: Rogue Specter Gaming Official; Twitch Rogue Specter Gaming.
  2. Having actual ground personal (crew chiefs and B-man) would be freaking awesome to just add to the immersion of realism. It shouldnt really be tooooo hard to add a crew chief to each spot if needed. I hope at least. I would pay for it though.
  3. Is there a reason you are being hostile? Because it is not called for. You are complaining about something that they (ED) have already stated in their news letter posted less than a week ago that they are working on and will probably never stop working on. Sure they have been working on it for a long time but they have also been working on a lot of other things that are more important and take priority. If you can't understand that then maybe DCS isn't for you at the moment. Which leads to your statement about me defending the replay system. No, I will not defend it, but I am not going to comp
  4. In case you didn't read the latest news letter they are bringing improved AI to the table this year so just have patience. No need to complain about something that they already stated is in the works.
  5. Hey everyone, I WILL UPDATE THIS REGULARLY WITH WHAT I AM WORKING ON NEXT Just making a quick post to inform all the Viper drivers that I have started a more advanced tutorial series for the F-16C in DCS. So far I have gotten through the start-up, which is by what I have seen one of the most accurate and detailed videos on starting up the F-16C, I also just got done with a Taxi and Take-off video and I am currently working on the landing video. I am going to do a separate v
  6. I live in Las Vegas and work here at Nelllis AFB and I can tell you for a fact that with a clear sky in the middle of the day that the picture on the right is pretty darn accurate and even in game on the ground sitting at Nellis with the gamma set to either 2.1 or 2.2 that the color tones are accurate because the sun out here is very damn bright. The picture on the left is more accurate during a rainy overcast day during the winter. I run with my gamma at 2.1 but i use to run it at around 1.6 because I liked the feel of what looks like when wearing sunglass (oakleys). So if you want to feel li
  7. Here is the track file of me running the same process as I first stated but after deleting the FXO and Metashaders2 items. Same result as before deleting them. You can see all the same things happen as they did in the first video. This even happens on multiplayer servers I noticed. F16 Lighting Shadow Bug.zip
  8. The link above is to a one minute video I made demonstrating the bugs I have found as of the new DCS World OB update date 20200320. After I updated DCS World OB I jumped into the F-16 instant action "Cold and Dark" on the Caucasus map. I then went through the start up process and that is when I started to notice some things happening.
  9. Love how on page one the image is from Battlefield lmao great shot.
  10. Yupp I got a delay on my video I am working on due to shadows currently. Really do not want to make a video with flat shadows it just looks weird
  11. I think its a new effect for all aircraft I did it with the F-18 it also happens on the ground too. It is like flying into the shockwave left behind from the rounds. I don't think its a bug.
  12. I've tried to watch the track back but it is bugged. As of late all my tracks have about 5 to 10 minutes of actual flying then it bugs out to me crashing into the ground/water. So yeah I would but it would be pointless. I am sure this track file bug is already an issue known to ED.
  13. Stennis Cable bug So I was messing around doing some CASE I landings and I landing 3 times and then on the 4th time I got stuck on Cable Number 4 and sat there as it pulled me back (it took ten minutes) and then after thinking it would let me free it just kept me there and I sat there for another 5 minutes. I sat there to ensure that it was not just some bug but it turns out it is. I repeated this about 4 or 5 times and same thing happens. Anyone else having this problem? Screenshot below of me being stuck.
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