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  1. Last version is from 6.6.2020 for . @Kegetys hasn't been seen on the forums since June 2020 ;( . I hope he's OK.
  2. Eh, I recently reported that as a bug... From the controls section there is no way to tell it would behave that way. Adding my vote in this, would be nice QoL. +1
  3. Thanks @Bunny Clark, that's an awesome answer Yeah it seems like binding it to paddle control on the TWCS Throttle as @ArjenHVA suggested is the only sane way to go. I'm lucky to have that control on my stick unoccupied, as I have rudder pedals. This example clearly shows how bad ED needs to hire an User Experience guy. At least they were sane enough to introduce a toggle for "(un)realistic TDC slew", this could be the other one. Btw. this just echoes that topic you linked - all points you raised there are valid.
  4. This is one of these "gamey" things, that user should be able to do. Radar elevation is bindable in the axis section. Wheel or any kind of slider axis seems perfect for it. Even if it turns out that this is a spring loaded button (even analogue) that shouldn't even be present in the axis section. I think most axis commands have their button counterparts - the fact that radar elevation behaves like no other axis in the game points to either a bug or a stubborn engineer error. And I'm developing software for 20 years now, I can recognize these things by feeling EDIT: come to think
  5. Agreed. Then it shouldn't be bindable as an axis. And I did a search for radar elevation and it didn't turn up in the results. EDIT: I did a search in the bugs forum, I can see this has now been moved. That's what I did, doesn't change the fact that if what Rob10 says is the official stance then it should be kicked out of axis menu not to create confusion.
  6. I've recently received my 3080, so naturally I did some testing on how far I can push VR DCS wrt to settings. The results are very promising but mixed. It seems that another planes (even stationary ones, like on the Caucasus free flight mission, stationed at Senakhi-Kolki) can tank the fps regardless of hardware used. There are other strange drops in really strange places, like for example when flying upside down, or looking to the floor of the jet at the stick's base (inconsistent). What's more interesting it turns out that the thing tanking frames on the supercarrier isn't the supercarrier i
  7. Bug description: I have a Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS and TWCS Throttle + pedals. I wanted to use the wheel on the throttle (JOY_SLIDER1) to control radar elevation in the Hornet. This also controls the zoom in the targeting pod, so it's very convenient to use. Sadly, the F18 module seems to treat it not as a slider, but as a continuous output axis. What this means is that at any given position of the wheel, the module is interpreting it as it was continuously pressed. How to reproduce: Bind the TWCS Throttle wheel (or any slider type control on any controller for that
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/dcs-mods/159902-the-dcs-updater-gui-utility?t=160053 This is the official author's thread on this forum, linked in the app :-) There's also lots of helpful links inside app menus too :-) Also protip - if the app window ever disappears, just go to system tray, find it, right click and select restore :-) happy flying!
  9. Regarding pricing, it might be attractive in the US, but in EU I expect around +30% tax, and non-reference vendor margins plus the enormous demand, I think the price will be on par with Nvidia's, because why the hell not... They know people are impatient and will buy anyway. Also don't forget that Nvidia has DLSS and VRSS, to which AMD didn't answer yet. VRSS is nice, applying variable msaa in the center of the image if there's headroom, implemented on a driver level without the need for developers to adapt. Would be nice in DCS where there's almost always some headroom because I'm mostly C
  10. With a 10-series i9 CPU (although his designation 10050k is probably wrong, because even ark.intel doesn't recognize it) streaming should be no problem with DCS' archaic single-threaded model. IMHO VR in DCS is currently a matter of compromises, even on a very impressive overkill top of the line setup like yours, Alec. Depending on a mission you run, fps can go as low as 30 in the air if there's a lot going on and that's on rather conservative settings. Hornet mission 2 is famous for being a performance hog for example. If a mission isn't complicated I get rather stable 60 fps (by using Index'
  11. This thing seems too good to be true at that price, and I'm afraid it's a scam, as the owner was involved in some adware business earlier in his career. See uploadvr article about it (although be advised, it's writen by the one and only "Insufferable (Oculus) Fanboy" David Heaney). I'm rooting for every new HMD on the market, though I'd prefer new SteamVR offering than another WMR offering - for that there's the G2. And wireless is great as long as you still have wired option. We will see when this thing pops out if it's worth the hype. Certainly sounds interesting.
  12. I think you will be disappointed by how CPU bound is DCS still... there are tests on 3080 out there already and they aren't optimistic. But you will be able to up the details a bit. Powodzenia :-)
  13. Actually, it is DCS's fault, because you need to seriously compromise things to run in VR and it still runs pretty bad. Moreover he is not "running it on the Quest 2", he's either streaming it wirelessly to the headset or using oculus link. And his HMD resolution is bigger than yours, and significantly so, at 1832×1920px per eye vs Index's 1440×1600px per eye. IDK about the FOV yet, my friend got a Quest 2 but due to the pandemic I don't rush to try it in DCS but I'm seriously considering buying one as a stopgap between Index and a true gen2 steamvr headset. So, if we're done with HMD eliti
  14. A couple remarks from a Valve Index owner. CPU is i7-9700k, 32GB RAM @ 3600, GTX 1080Ti, NVMe drive. F/A-18C module. "Free flight" is not indicative of a real mission scenario or multiplayer server. I can easily hit more-or-less-stable VR 60fps using Index's 120Hz mode with reprojection on Caucasus. But the second I drop into the mission (for example the infamous 2 mission of the campaign (CAS)), frames drop to 30fps and mostly stay there. CPU frametimes are "obscene" and my 1080Ti is practically yawning there. If you really want to measure performance, I'd suggest that mission. IDK if i
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