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  1. I had a problem seeing hot fightrers around 40nm away, cant really do anything if I can only pick 1 out of 3 up
  2. The new update seemed to make the radar so much worse Cant find a target even 30miles out eventhough I know the altitude, am I missing something or is this a bug? Several other people were complaining about it on the GS server aswell.
  3. A2A improvements would be really nice. I've gotten quite a few losses because of the current state of the radar.
  4. For me I needed to rebind right throttle to idle key for it to work
  5. AIM 120 are really unrealisticly short ranged in DCS aswell. Hopefully this also gets changed when it arrives for the F18
  6. Took me couple of attemps. I killed all 4 solo and only one of those kills was a sparrow
  7. This must be a bug... Gs can not rise that high on the landin as the airframe is meant to withstand the usual maxium of 7.5Gs for its lifetime
  8. What I’ve understood if not in combat, it is to be worn at higher altitudes as there is low level of oxygen. At low altitude it is a pilot’s decision to make. In combat, I think you are correct.
  9. This reads on the mini-updates thread: Probably for the next update will be an initial implementation of IFF for the Hornet. Attached are a couple of looks. A diamond-shaped TD box indicated a negative IFF response (hostile), whereas a standard, square TD box indicates a valid IFF handshake (friendly). Initially, this will be done automatically as part of an STT/LTWS/DTWS (L&S and D2) designation. At a later point we will investigate a more in-depth IFF system using the encrypted-code system. However, this is a VERY complex system that will take a lot of time, and we currently hav
  10. Wow! I never expected such an expensive simulator DLC to get into those lists, but there it is. I fully understand though why it is there, I've bought it for myself and I love it!
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