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  1. No overclock. Brand new ASUS MoBo and chipset, all updated. 32gb of RAM and it’s on a 970 evo plus m.2
  2. There is no rhyme or reason with it. Every time I take the viper up my DCS will lockup and crash after a short black screen. The viper is the only aircraft that I have issues with. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to figure this out. Thanks. Log files and dxdiag attached. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8pqy0qmsf1vmlp/Operation_Steppenwolf_V4-20200705-215630.trk?dl=0 dxdiag.txt dcs.20200706-014633.log
  3. amazing as always, i'll be supporting you on your patreon any way I can
  4. Just received my stick today. Serial: 062479 Location: KY, USA
  5. is there a link to download the right wing psd file to match the left in that folder?
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