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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/710/ If someone wants an issue addressed properly, it has to be documented properly; as per the link above. A lot of forum chatter is generalized and would require far too many developer resources to drill down through. By issuing a formal "ticket" and providing the required info, we have the best chance of getting issues addressed. Cheers!
  2. I hear ya Brother on the SMR issue. Have many bouts myself. :) I also get the shakes when anything goes on sale. Wanted to buy Viggen again when HB recently posted their sale. :P Cheers!
  3. Hi chap'. Any changes/upgrades to individual aircraft are automatically applied if we own the aircraft; regardless of it being purchased individually, or in a package like FC3 or the upcoming MAC. Reading the MAC announcement, it looks like they'll have the MiG's PFM finished for MAC's release. Those of us who own FC3 (currently the only way to own the MiG-29) will enjoy the PFM as soon as it's release...at no charge. I bought F-15 before deciding on FC3; the earlier summer sale making up my mind. :) Why did you buy almost half the planes individually, rather than the discounted FC3 b
  4. The main page of DCS World's website only shows the release version. One has to go looking, or been given a link to the Downloads page, to even access the Beta; at which point it clearly states, "The Open Beta is an optional version of DCS World that we use to first test new content and technologies before moving them to our release version." That should be more than enough yellow caution tape for anyone. "Test"/break/fix go hand in hand with software development so when we hop the Beta train, we can expect some bumps along the road (rail). I have both Release and Beta versions installed
  5. Plus "Flaming Cliffs 3 owners can purchase the MAC pack at a great discount."; quoted from the official post. And "Purchase MAC aircraft individually or as a pack at a reduced price."; just as FC3 costs less than the sum of its individual plane modules.
  6. Here's his full post, for context; specifying "full fidelity". The current Albatros module contains both the L-39C (trainer) and the L-39ZA (light attack). I think it's important to understand exactly what we are, and are not, getting with MAC. The other additional aircraft only have one version in their respective hi-fi modules.
  7. The only current example of this situation would be FC3's A-10A vs DCS: A-10C. The stand-alone A-10A is NOT a free option for A-10C owners, so I can't imagine there will be any discounts for the upcoming MAC aircraft. That said, this is the first time there have been (seemingly) EXACT air-frames available between FC3/MAC and the full-fidelity DCS modules... I suspect the pricing to be such that MAC will be a no-brainer, in full-version for newcomers or upgrade for FC3 owners. :book:
  8. I noticed all the new additions for MAC have the exact same name as their current ASM counterparts except for the L-39ZA (vs L39C). Is there a difference? Is this an A-10A vs A-10C situation? Thanks in advance!
  9. It's popular to me for both reasons. Even if I owned the ASM's of the new additions to MAC, I'd still snag it. Sometimes you just want a quickie and don't have time for all that start-up and systems-management foreplay. :smoke:
  10. After a mission I'll save and replay the track; flicking through all the aircraft to get a feel for the key moments. I then keep replaying the track, focusing on different aspects and experimenting with different views; saving each subsequent replay under a new name. Once I have my prime cuts (steak pun intended) I'll export as the highest quality *.avi; choosing resolution and frame rate according to my mood. :) Then it's off to the real video editor to cut and splice. It's amazing what gems can be found during *.trk playback with just the right target and view selected at the right t
  11. Thank you! For me personally, MAC's lineup couldn't be more perfect. The new additional aircraft, vs FC3, are all jets I passed on during the recent (and awesome!) summer sale. In particular, I was tempted by but did not add the MiG-21 and F-5 to my virtual hanger; having invested in a few other full-fidelity modules (see sig). I look forward to the favourable upgrade-to-MAC pricing for those of us who already have FC3. I think the lineup, and era-based match-ups, are excellent and welcome choices. Snappy salute to ED!!! Cheers!
  12. Thanks VZ. Of course there's more furball on the way! The "crane shot" shows just how much is on the go I didn't cram in to my first crack at DaVinci. Cheers!
  13. After fighting with DaVinci Resolve for three days... :joystick:
  14. Hey Dave. Surprised no one's mentioned this yet, but there's no shame in switching on game-mode for the flight-model and avionics. If you're that new to military flight sims, even the game avionics present a modest challenge to learn some basic concepts and are a good stepping stone into the sometimes overwhelming "study-sim" modules. In the end, if your goal is to be proficient in the C-Hog, Hornet, or Harrier, be prepared invest a LOT of time reading, listening, watching, and practicing. There'll be no quick path to the challenges you've chosen. All the best!
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