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  1. In DCS enviroment I´m more in favor of adding some rather interesting maps like for example Cold War Central Europe, Alaska and Kamchatka, Iceland, Cuba etc rather than "historical" maps. Reason for that is simply because I think than most of the post WW2 aerial conflicts are not that interesting to be "recreated." Personally I am not much fan of recreating these "100% historicaly accurate" missions, simply because I feel that It kinda kills creativity, imagination and its not that much fun. There is just much more interesting stuff to do with this kinds of maps.
  2. We can probably expect R-24 and R-60M that are available on AI MiG-23MLD. Its very possible that we could get also older R-3S, R-13M and R-60, since those are already in game. About R-23, Chizh said once that It would be easy to do, but when I look on treatment that Soviet/Russian missiles are receiving, I wouldnt expect those with MiG-23 release. And no, It wont be able to use R-27, since serial 23s never used them.
  3. We had. Once. But sadly not anymore. This folder is inheritance from Flanker 2.5 times.
  4. Capability wise It will be probably very similar. Maybe we will get better look-down ranges for radar, since FC3 model is currently underperforming in this area. Clickable cockpits are great,It feels more authentic and It allows you for much better understanding of the aircraft. Its much more fun that way.
  5. So Its confirmed. MiG-29A(9-12) will came after Black Shark 3. https://stormbirds.blog/2020/12/18/eagle-dynamics-confirms-mig-29-9-12-development/
  6. Welcome in NATO simulator :D. I would say dont go against Eurofighter unless its AI. As for mentioned missiles. While EM and EP might be in service according to avaiable data(?), I think tha EA variant stayed as prototype, but who knows, these things are secrets anyway. For me personally, I wouldnt mind if there were prototype weapons in DCS. Who doesnt want to use them, doesnt need to. But thats just me. ED doesnt want do this kind of stuff. If you wish for fight on "equal terms" go for Cold War servers.
  7. I would say that it have one of the best FM in this game. Its much better than it used to be. Of course I never flied in real one, so I cant say how much its realistic or not.
  8. Where did you get that info? 25 is long out of service (except for RBT variant) and its pretty old aircraft anyway (Contemporary to late MiG-21s and early 23s). There isnt much stuff that could be classified. Unless ED wants to claim that they cant do old interceptors from 70s (On which I´m higly doubtfull).
  9. I think JAS-39 Gripen could be good candidate also. Its multirole, complex and would probably sell very well + possible military contracts. Capability wise its pretty similar to F/A-18 or JF-17 etc. Though It can use European weapons like IRIS-T, Skyflash, RBS-15F, MBDA Brimstone etc. It was in introduced in 1996 so maybe Its not considered as "new, new aircraft". Hoewer since its FBW jet, its not going to be "challenge to fly" probably. Apart from that I have no clue what It could be apart from many times mentioned F-111. This is going to interesting...
  10. Not quite. Sure they came out bit latter than 29s, but once first ones were put in active service in 1985, the rearmament went pretty fast. By year 1990 there was around 467 aircrafts in service, including two regiments in Poland. Production was stopped soon after in 1992 with around 600 Su-27S,P and UB variant with around 180 aircrafts built. I think that REDFOR 80s are represented well in DCS. We already have all the neccesary types, Even though some of them are AI only like Su-17, MiG-27 etc. I quess thats work for 3rd party developer, because Iam doubtfull that ED would want to do those.
  11. Probably near end of year. Most likely in "2021 and Beyond" video.
  12. Theoretically it could be non-US aircraft. Perhaps Mirage V, Sepecat Jaguar, Super Étendard etc. Which I might actually buy :). I´m not sure hoewer if those ones are "eagerly awaited."
  13. So another BLUEFOR jet. How dissapointing. I just hope its F-111 or another strike aircraft, so at least I can have new hostile unit for my missions :D. If its going to be F-117, that will be good too. At least they finaly fix its broken damage model.
  14. https://stormbirds.blog/2020/10/23/fjp-podcast-interviews-simon-pearson-from-ed-on-future-of-dcs/ I didnt watch the entire interview so I cant give you timestamp, but according to many it was mentioned somewhere in it.
  15. There is a plan for Fulga Gap map (Central Europe). Maybe It could be good idea to do WW2 version of it, which would benefit both La-7 and P-51, P-47. Spitfire etc. I really hope that Lavochkin is going to DCS, Its wonderfull aircraft and much better oponent for Luftwaffe fighters that we have In game right now.
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