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  1. Awesome little birdie... VNAO, guys you have nailed it! Thanks a million
  2. I have a ? regarding the paging file: [QUOTE] I have my page file set to a 32968 to 65536 this is on my operating system disk (NVME) I have a separate SSD for DCS, this changed from fixed page file as DCS when using HIGH for textures, needs an absolute ton of RAM to decompress the textures I have set the recommended values for the SYS drive to 32968 (initial size) and 65536 (maximum size). I also have a separate SSD for DCS where the paging file is set to [none], is this correct or should I allocate paging (and what values) there as well?
  3. Anyone having trouble with VRK on DCS 2.7? On my PC VRK seem to crash ocasionaly (closes itself) and doesn't show in VR while in multiplayer. It used to work with the 2.5.6 just fine...
  4. does the shader mod in 2.7 have version including the transparent water?
  5. I'm I the only one feeling the MFD's are not bright enough in VR? At night/dawn/dusk the MFD's are fine, not so much during daytime.. The HUD and the UFC displays are OK. ED, crank up the MFD brightness maybe?
  6. ED, I know it's probably on the bottom of your priority list but it's so anoying and hard on my eyes, watching these worthless load screens flicker every time for a minute or more.. Duno why but was expecting 2.7 to take care of this issue. Well, it didn't, so ED, can you please eventually fix it?....
  7. Not what I was expecting as well.. Hopefully at some point the VR environment will get more love from ED
  8. No, its Z390 (Maximus XI Code).. Never mind, got the issue sorted with the Steam VR unistall/install... Frankly still not sure what got DCS to start crashing...
  9. Had about a week of hastle free G2 setup and DCS was working relatively fine. Today, following a session of unsuccessful performance tuning related to the CPU overclock, I had to revert the BIOS back to default settings. With these changes, suddenly DCS started crashing to desktop, as soon as WMR launches (automatically). Discovered that with no VR headset attached to the USB-C port, DCS starts normally in 2D. Repair the DCS installation didnt work. Also trying to do manual changes to the options.lua file only managed to turn off VR to start DCS normally in 2D. Form DCS GUI when turning VR b
  10. I was wondering what's going on with Prince hitting the water twice. The first time was after the second gun kill, I just lost him visually. 10 min later figured he's probably gone, proven by the mission debrief. The second time we had a nice sidewinder/guns fight, I was trying to keep him high and eventually reached to the Jocker point. He started the climb to 28K/250, me just beside him, when he suddenly dropped the nose down and flew straight into the water from around angels 20... Something is making him commit an early suicide....
  11. Oh, thanks Baltic. Was looking in the wrong mission folder (saved games/...). Found it in the main game golder/mods/campaigns
  12. If there a PDF version of the mission briefs somewhere in the folders? Could find one at first search..
  13. Surprised things get released with such b@@dy obvious issues :megalol:
  14. Really hope ED will put some effort in the Hornet screens readability during daytime... Can't see s@@t right now if the sun is behind the jet...
  15. Is ED looking into this issue?
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