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  1. As a trainer, shouldn't fixing the multicrew desync be a high priority? Tried it when it came out but put it away due to this.
  2. Good idea! Yeah, but that's how it was in reality so I wouldn't want it any other way. The general lack of ergonomic concerns in the Brit plane cockpit designs has been a real eye opener! Had no idea before DCS. By the way, where is the gunsight brightness rheostat hidden? I've got it mapped and it works, but I have yet to find the control for it.
  3. Well, getting on TrackIR or VR is the best way. I haven't tried using keys to translate (move) my virtual head position in a long time so I forget what the default keybinds are, but they're there somewhere. Can you see it from the gunsight head position maybe or does that make it even worse? If it helps you can select in the Special menu to use a keybind to move your head to that position. You can always just watch the speed the altimeter needle is unwinding. Even with TrackIR I find that's how I'm doing it. Glideslope and airspeed are a lot more important while landing anyway. If you get those right the vertical velocity will work itself out.
  4. Same. Used to see about 45 FPS when looking straight up at empty sky. Now get less than 30. (Suspect it's poorly optimized textures. My GPU only has 4 GB VRAM. Everything was fine before the October updates though.) This is in all maps but Marianas is even worse.
  5. Noticed that too. They also have a very uneven crooked teeth appearance. Could have also done a better job on the bump maps reproducing the weld lines.
  6. I find this extremely unlikely too. What evidence is this behavior based on?
  7. DCS won't support it though. (There's already a depth of field feature though so obviously they're capable. Just needs interface to the eye trackers added.) I won't be holding my breath. See you in a decade. That's not realistic either. I don't hit buttons with my eyes. Nor do I want crosshairs right in the center of my vision. (I push the mouse off the screen the instant I'm done with it.) Oh and did I say eyes? That would be too easy. I meant entire head! I switched Jester to keyboard control so that should tell you what I think of interfacing with my head.
  8. Not every function is realistically on the HOTAS. And how do you map, say, the OSBs to a HOTAS without running out of buttons and modifiers? (As well as creating a nightmare to remember.) Sorry, but VR just feels half baked to me. When I can reach out with my real hand, see a virtual hand (including arm) in its place, and naturally flip switches and turn dials, I'll consider it. Foveal rendering with vari-focus lenses are a must too. Maybe we'll be there in another 10 years. For now, I'll stay on a screen and not knock my drink off my desk.
  9. THAT is why I'm completely uninterested in VR! LOL!
  10. Yeah, it does. If it was a Windows feature it would work on any app, which obviously it doesn't. It's a DirectX feature.
  11. (DirectX is a Windows-only technology.) (And one we'll be abandoning if we ever go to Vulcan. Hence my question.)
  12. It's been fine for me. In fact, I have to give it about one full notch of right aileron trim for it to want to stay level. (That seems wrong. And yes my rudder is trimmed and I've verified my stick is centering correctly. This doesn't happen with any other DCS aircraft.) Haven't noticed any interaction with the pitch axis either. (Though the pitch axis is incredibly touchy as we appear to have our C of G too far aft.)
  13. I thought I already said that.
  14. Just discovered this while trying to read an old message in the text radio-chat. When it's open for text entry, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll the text back. (Very slowly -- seems an unintentional feature?) However, only scrolling the mousewheel the other way will return it back to real-time. So it's easy to get into a state where you're behind in the text you're seeing, not even seeing your own recent messages until they scroll by later.
  15. I doubt it. They're baked in as well, they're just reflection mapped instead of painted on the glass. (Yes, the bitmap that's reflected is dynamic, but only in its lighting/shadows. Try changing the color of your cockpit and watch them not change along with it.) It's not like we got a frame rate hit when they switched to "actual" moving reflections. We've had them on stuff like building glass forever.
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