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  1. Decided to order one. Will be here Thursday.
  2. No problem here either. CM3 throttle, rudder pedals and CM2 base all plugged into the same powered USB 3.0 hub.
  3. Thanks, and no I’m not seeing any white circles. One thing I did notice is when I use the hand controllers the line goes right through the cockpit but I can still activate the button I’m pointing at.
  4. Got it yesterday. As a starting point I set it up similar to BIGNEWY’s since I have a similar system. Still waiting for VIRPIL to ship my Controls so I just did some messing around on the runway. Definitely crisper then the Oculus Rift S I had last year. I can easily read the gauges and MFD’s now in the F/A-18C. Still need to do some tweaking and check frame rates. First impression is I’m liking it.
  5. It’s been 6 weeks since I placed my big order for a grip, base, pedals and mounts. Still not invoiced. Kinda getting anxious. Good news though, my Reverb G2 shipped from B&H today and I’ll have it tomorrow.
  6. Still waiting for my joystick and base to arrive and your videos will be most helpful when I start setting everything up. Thank you.
  7. Seems timing is everything when ordering from them. One day late and it could mean weeks of waiting.
  8. Yes the curved extension. Ordered 12/27/20, invoiced 12/28/20, shipped 1/6/21, delivered 1/9/21. So almost 2 weeks overall.
  9. I placed my order 1 month ago for a constellation R, CM2 base, Ace Interceptor pedals, 2 short desk mounts and an adaptor plate. Still waiting to be charged. Should have placed several smaller orders instead of one big one. Who knows what is back ordered and what isn’t. On the plus side I received my CM3 throttle and 200mm extension last week. I forgot, I also have an order in for a long desk mount and a keyboard holder which was invoiced almost 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for that order to ship.
  10. Received my CM3 throttle today. A day earlier then expected. Had to go out so only thing I got to do so far was unbox it. Definitely feels solid and well made. Very impressed with 2 day shipping from Europe to the East coast of the USA
  11. I think both are correct.
  12. I received the 200mm extension last week. The CM3 throttle will be here Thursday. I'm still waiting for the Constellation Alpha, CM2 base, rudder pedals, 2 short desk mounts, 1 long desk mount.
  13. Te reason they said remove the 2 screws is if you wanted to offset the stick to the left as the real one is. You can't do that if the plug is screwed to the base unless you use an extension. You can't offset the stick on the Warthog base either unless you use an extension.
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