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  1. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to understand how to do just a section (ie. tail, or pilot name as per this thread) in one smaller file? I decided to try and make some skins for my guys, but I can only see the main files (eg. for hornet:F18C_1_DIFF to do the names, F18C_2_DIFF to do the tail, and FPU_8A...to do...not sure yet. haha). So editing those files is working for me, but if I can just do name and tail as above that would be great. Currently it's only the hornet I've done, but looking to do F16 and the files are much bigger.
  2. thanks. Posting so I can find this in future when I get around to doing liveries.
  3. latest openbeta cause thats what most the servers run.
  4. Triple E near the boat isn't that hard... :smartass:
  5. If you're happy with $50 a month, you could run a "competition" every month and gift a member $50 of module on steam? or two people $25. That way you are helping ED, and another person. Two for the price of one! The competition could be whatever you want, some ideas: A straight up "put your name in here and I'll pick one" Why should I pick you thread once a month? A secret random selection based on someone that helped you, or others - and tell them not to tell anyone, so no-one realises there is a competition happening. Select someone that is deciding between x or y module, and b
  6. cool. I won't be able to do that, but didn't realise it they had cheaper stuff :) glad the fix worked for you in the end :)
  7. I am having the same issues. It's been going on with open beta for 2 months. Started on Stable recently. a friend just suggested I turn on ipV6 on my NIC while typing this reply...and it worked... Do Palo Alto do cheap stuff? Our PA firewalls at work are $20,000 +
  8. if you've got fast internet, I'd delete DCS and try again. If you have slow internet, maybe try a repair. If the icons return then I wouldn't stress about that...but the mouse not working in DCS is odd... Could be worth downloading hwinfo, running and creating an export of your hardware https://www.hwinfo.com/
  9. So many things it could be... Question - does it mess your icons up long term, or does it restore them back once you exit the game? Mine will flicker as you describe normally when I run older games that have to run at a lower resolution, and often (not always) it will exit with my desktop icons messed up. This happens more with old games running in windows, as opposed to old games running through steam (steam handles it better). Do you have any unrecognised devices in device manager (indicated by a yellow/orange exclamation)? If so, I'd sort those first. https://www.tenforums.com/tutoria
  10. How did you get Touch Portal to talk to DCS? I can get it to talk to say notepad, but it doesn't control anything in DCS?
  11. Thread dig! How did you go with this? I am trying it, and the input works from phone to computer, for example, it I open notepad it will type in "g" for the gear button. But when I try it in DCS, it doesn't work. I tried this with a number of key combos, and no go. And if you did use it, are you willing to share the icons/profiles/whatever they are called please?
  12. sorry for late reply. AFAIK it is how far out you can see...but maybe its just writing to SSD, not using GPU, either way it heavily impacted mine, even with nvme SSDs.
  13. I've got as per signature (less than you), and thought the same thing. I had to bring preload radius down. Look forward to seeing other ideas.
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