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  1. Yes by process lasso. There is not much difference by turning it off in bios. Even I don't see any significant improvement after I have turned off hyperthreading. (Maybe Ryzen users need to do it by avoiding SMT?) I have emptied out my exports.lua.
  2. This version of testing with changes: 1. Process Lasso (disabled hyperthreading, induce performance mode) 2. dcs vr mod https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215373 3. recommended settings in At this moment, I think I will stop updating. It is just too frustrating for player to tweak game by themselves. Lowering the Supersampling might help but lower than 150% I can't see anything in my OG vive (and also my tracking is bad due to degraded hmd/station?). Probably I will test later until my reverb G2 arrives then I can lower SS :D I think I haven't fly f-18 for half a year...
  3. 1852x2056 per eye. I don't care about how much % there is and it is clearly under 4K resolution.
  4. 1852x2056 per eye, ~3704x2056 updated in the first thread
  5. Thank you! Finally someone got the point... For those who did not notice, there is clip of multiplayer in the later part of the video...
  6. I installed process lasso for the retest. Just enabled probalance mode, performance mode. Then per application settings I make DCS.exe [induce performance mode] and [exclude from probalance]. It is a freemium software. Details of those settings are well written on their official pages. Paying for a monthly subscription is just for QoL option. As abovementioned, I used process lasso to make sure there is no other cpu sucking application running. For all other testing... Please wait... Kinda busy in weekdays :helpsmilie:
  7. As i remember turning off hyperthreading is not a big difference... Maybe test later
  8. Getting all the advices from above, I have made some changes and it seems improved. But my cpu is still chocking.
  9. I have upgraded my whole rig just for DCS and it still sucks. I know your feeling. I thought it was all about my rig was not good enough, until I got that FPSVR plugin recently in steam. Then I finally figured it out it was DCS’ game engine problem. As you can see the CPU frametime is bad and those bars under cpu graph is cpu utilization of each core. Only three tall bars in the physical core. At this time I have basically gave up.
  10. What is your setting? Do you run good? No cpu bottlenecking?
  11. Yes it is "bottlenecked" because not all cores are utilized. No settings are same. Although 3080 is giving me more GPU headroom but it is useless.
  12. steamvr that one Does it make sense to raise even more? My cpu is chocking on its 3 physical core. Graphs are included in the video.
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