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  1. In the mission Battle for Zugdidi, if I use command: flight -> engage -> ground target, they will reply cannot comply and won't attack. The special menu is so buggy. Choosing tips and control helper doesn't work. Also one of the option can affect trimmer mode, choosing joystick with trimmer below but got "Joystick without spring and ffb"
  2. I think you are using a 3090 not a 3080 tho...
  3. I have not ever encountered any vram not enough problem with my old 1080ti (Yes, 1080ti got more VRAM than 3080), also OG vive. 50%
  4. you may need this AND I have heard that some mb which have PCIE gen 4 can cause problem. Just set it back to pcie gen3 in bios / MB firmware update can fix this. if you finally get into the game, don't worry it is going to be fantastic and sad at the same time. Don't fix it until it was broken! Spend more time flying than tuning it. I think adjusting supersampling in steam and using this mod can solve 98% of the problem. Oh and, fpsVR is a must.
  5. What is CRM? I think this is the fact, but is there any work around? What is your ss setting? Just to confirm you are using a 3080? I can't live without MSAA... Thanks for both config share. I will try it when I have time!
  6. I am currently using a G2. While in Mixed Reality Portal, it consumes about 2gb VRAM already. Then I launch steamvr, it used a total of 3GB of VRAM. After that I open up DCS, I see 9.7/10GB of VRAM usage (BY fpsVR) and it started VRAM overflow (dropping flames, purple line in fpsVR) How do you coup with this problem? By lowering the VRAM usage of WMR and STEAMVR, or lower DCS settings? (but for me it is already minimum... it looks so bad already) Finally my card is not constrained by its processing power, but it's VRAM.
  7. We spend more time tuning than actual flying... Aren't we?
  8. I manually deleted everything including the saved game one
  9. I have tried a clean installation and still same
  10. After 2.7 update, I started experiencing crash to desktop frequently. It always happens when after loading a mission or finished the mission. Also, I was using FPSVR and saw purple line in GPU graph indicating dropping frames. It happens when my VRAM is almost full at 9.7/10GB (come on nvidia why 3080 only has 10GB...) Moreover, the rendering (shadow I think?) is not consistent in both eyes. It causes flickering. The debug zip is attached. dcs.log-20210425-103423.zip
  11. Yes by process lasso. There is not much difference by turning it off in bios. Even I don't see any significant improvement after I have turned off hyperthreading. (Maybe Ryzen users need to do it by avoiding SMT?) I have emptied out my exports.lua.
  12. This version of testing with changes: 1. Process Lasso (disabled hyperthreading, induce performance mode) 2. dcs vr mod https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215373 3. recommended settings in At this moment, I think I will stop updating. It is just too frustrating for player to tweak game by themselves. Lowering the Supersampling might help but lower than 150% I can't see anything in my OG vive (and also my tracking is bad due to degraded hmd/station?). Probably I will test later until my reverb G2 arrives then I can lower SS :D I think I haven't fly f-18 for half a year... and I know the landing is painful to watch but I am too lazy to record it again xD Moreover, credits to the guy who shared to hoggit :D
  13. 1852x2056 per eye. I don't care about how much % there is and it is clearly under 4K resolution.
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