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  1. Ok, I was able to get hold of the data with this simple script: local S = require('Serializer') local f = io.open('db.lua', 'w') local s = S.new(f) s:serialize_simple('db', db) f:close() I just loaded this script at the end of DCS/MissionEditor/MissionEditor.lua with dofile(<path_to_script>) As soon as I start DCS, the data is dumped into the file db.lua. It is 46 MB big at the moment. Now I can just extract the important parts of it and write the yaml/json files as before.
  2. Yes, sure. Like this: local imageMaterial = MakeMaterial(path, { 255, 255, 255, 255 }) local back = CreateElement "ceTexPoly" back.name = create_guid_string() back.material = imageMaterial back.init_pos = { x - 1, GetAspect() - y } back.vertices = { { 0, 0 }, { width, 0 }, { width, -height }, { 0, -height } } back.indices = { 0, 1, 2; 0, 2, 3 } back.tex_coords = texture_box(0, 0, 1, 1) back.h_clip_relation = h_clip_relations.COMPARE back.level = DEFAULT_LEVEL Add(back) This basically defines two triangles building a rectangle. The texture(material) of that rectangle is the picture loaded from "path". You need to define x, y, width and height to define where the rectangle/image should be drawn inside of the kneeboard page.
  3. It seems until before 2.7 update, there was a weapons and loadout database underneath Scripts/Database. Those lua scripts are gone now. Probably compiled into binaries? I did some extensive script loading foo and was able to get the loadout definitions of about 400 items. However, I also encountered references to additional 200 loadout definitions which I could not access. I wonder how modders/module developers are able to get a list of all available weapons now.
  4. Create lua file inside kneeboard folder. Call it 1.lua and it will show up as first kneeboard page. Now you can write lua stuff to output your text on the kneeboard page: dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."elements_defs.lua") local FONT = MakeFont({ used_DXUnicodeFontData = "font_dejavu_lgc_sans_condensed_17" }, { 0, 0, 0, 255 }) local txt = CreateElement "ceStringPoly" txt.value = "My text" txt.material = FONT txt.init_pos = { h_center, v_center } txt.alignment = "CenterCenter" txt.stringdefs = { 0.005, 0.0013, 0, 0 } txt.use_mipfilter = true txt.h_clip_relation = h_clip_relations.COMPARE txt.level = DEFAULT_LEVEL Add(txt) Define h_center and v_center with the position you want the text to appear on the kneeboard page.
  5. Instead of png files, you can add lua files to your kneeboard. That lua file can create a kneeboard page dynamically and update it anytime.
  6. I wrote a web based mission planning tool which does allow our squadron to create our packages, flights and missions. It also allows defining the loadout for each and every aircraft. When entering the multiplayer server, the pilots assigned to those flights/missions just use the F10 radio menu to configure the loadout which was predefined by the flight lead in the mission planning tool. They see the loadout to be set on their kneeboards automatically. For our mission planning tool, we originally used the DCS Mission Editor to look up any possible loadout config for each and every pylon of all the aircraft we are flying and manually put this config and aossicated paylout weight and drag in the web app config. This allowed mission planners to figure out a loadout dedicated to the planned mission. With DCS 2.7 the loadout config of a few aircraft changed - specifically the weights were updated across the board. I do not want to manually go through all the aircraft and loadout configs again in the ME, so I wondered if it is possible to extract that information somehow from DCS itself via a mod or by just using an external lua interpreter and load the weapon and loadout lua tables located within the DCS folders. I tried to hook into export.lua or the kneeboard lua scripting environment, but it seems I do not have access to all loadout configs and weapons of all aircraft. The best results I got so far where when I wrote a lua script importing (via dofile) all the lua scripts located at CoreMods\aircraft\AircraftWeaponPack. That gave me a lot of weapon info, payloads with their respective information (weight, image and such), and loading the lua files from the aircraft folders within the CoreMods/aircraft folder gave me the possible loadout configuration for each aircraft. The thing is. there are a lot of loadout configs missing in the loadout definitions which are referenced by the aircraft pylon tables. For instance, In the A-10C loadout config, the CLSID "BRU-42_3*BDU-33" is referenced, but it is nowhere to be found. I unsuccessfully searched all files for this or other CLSIDs which I have been unable to find in the AircraftWeaponPack. I did also search archives and binaries. Does anyone know, where I can find the missing loadout definitions? My guess is that I would need to write my own aircraft mod and have some lua hooks there which will give me access to all possible weapon/loadout definitions and I hope I will then be able to dump that data somehow, but I hoped for an easier solution.
  7. There is a pretty noticeable difference in the sound compared to for instance this GAU-8 Avanger test video here: https://youtu.be/33teK7L4DM4: It might be that the test in the video was firing the gun at it's maximum output speed which could explain this discrepancy.
  8. Well, I personally am not convinved of the in-cockpit GAU sound. It sounds like there are a lot less rounds exiting the cannon per second.
  9. At the moment it is Coolie SW UP SHORT to switch to HUD when HUD is not SOI and switch to HMD if HUD is not SOI. This is also what the Dash-1 from 2012 is describing. In Wags mentioned that this will change in the November update. Then we need to use Coolie SW DOWN SHORT to make HMD SOI. Was this change introduced in a later suite update for the aircraft in real life or is ED just "optimizing" the switchology for the player base? How will I be able to swap MFCDs in the future? This was usually the function of Coolie SW DOWN SHORT.
  10. @Notso Hm, interesting. Tbh I have only read A-10 related stuff which is mostly A/G work. There is this ominous AFTTP 3-3 Vol5 for (Royal Norwegian AF doc for F-16) on the internet which I don't know if it's real or fan fiction, but it describes more or less what you were stating.
  11. See https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-a-10c-ii-tank-killer/wishlist-aa/291293-a10-c_2-only-availably-for-country-usa
  12. Ja der Gedanke kam mir auch schon :-) Ich sollte dazu sagen, dass das Loadout nicht verändert wird. Eine Änderung von A-10C auf A-10C_2 ist kein Problem. Ich habe es ehrlich gesagt aber noch nicht versucht, z.B. die Harrier zu wählen und die Mission zu starten. Im schlimmsten Fall startet die Mission gar nicht. Im besten Fall hat es nur den Loadout drauf, der kompatibel ist oder es hat gar keinen Loadout. Wenn die Mission das Arifield so eingestellt hat, dass man da beliebig anderes Loadut bestücken kann, lässt sich das natürlich ändern.
  13. Ich habe jetzt eine dritte Möglichkeit gebaut. Ein kleines Hilfstool, was den Flugzeugtyp in einer Mission (egal ob DLC Kampagne oder frei) ganz einfach ersetzt und dies als eine neue Missionsdatei speichert. Hier das Tool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HDFGjXl52coPMl7NCAW_BqZiItQcnfNc/view?usp=sharing Benutzt wird es auf der Kommandozeile (cmd.exe) wie folgt: DCSMissionTweaker.exe <Missionsdatei.miz> /type <flugzeugtyp> Damit wird eine Neue Missionsdatei im gleichen Verzeichnis mit _tweaked.miz am Ende erzeugt, in welcher der Flugzeugtyp der Spieler-Unit und der Units in der gleichen Gruppe ersetzt sind. Der Flugzeugtyp der A10 II ist "A-10C_2" Eine ganze Kampagne kann man mit einem kleinen Batch Kommando so konvertieren: for /r %f in (*.miz) do DCSMissionTweaker.exe "%f" /type A-10C_2 Das konvertiert alle Dateien im aktuellen Verzeichnis.
  14. Das liegt daran, dass der AI Wingman noch als Aircrafttype "A-10C" drin stehen hat. Einfach ein paar Zeilen im mission File runtergehen und auch den Wingmen die Änderung im type verpassen. Dann zeigt es auch der ME korrekt an.
  15. Hallo Bishop. Ich bin der erwähnte Beta-Tester ;-) Prinzipiell ist ein Austausch des Aircraft in jeder Mission schon jetzt möglich. Allerdings werden dir weder die Kampagnen-Entwickler noch Eagle Dynamics Support leisten, sollte das nicht ordentlich funktionieren. Hier zwei Varianten: A) Lade die Mission in den Mission Editor, wähle die Player Einheit aus, ändere das Aircraft von A-10C auf A-10C II (geht nur, wenn Country USA ist. Das muss man dann ggf. anpassen) und klicke Mission starten. Du kannst bei DLC Kampagnen die Mission nicht speichern, aber direkt aus dem ME starten. Zu beachten ist hier noch, dass beim Ändern des Flugzeugtyps die Radio-Frequenzen (und möglicherweise andere Einstellungen) zurückgesetzt werden. Die solltest du dann wieder einstellen. B) Die Missionen sind miz-Dateien, was einfach ZIP Dateien sind. Diese kannst du auch entpacken und den Inhalt darin verändern und dann wieder neu packen. Dazu einfach die miz Dateien kopieren, Endung von miz auf zip ändern, dann entpacken, dann die Datei "mission" in einem Editor öffnen (Notepad++ bspw.), in der Datei nach "player" - also mit Quotes(!) - suchen. So findest du die Einheit des Players. Ein paar Zeilen darüber oder darunter müsstest du dann "type"= "A10-C" finden. Da einfach "A10-C_2" draus machen. mission-File speichern und das ganze wieder zu einem Zip zusammenpacken und Endung zurück auf "miz" ändern. Die Methode hat den Vorteil, dass die Country egal ist und dass die Frequency und andere Einstellungen nicht verloren gehen.
  16. A-10C in DCS is available to other countries. Same list of countries should be applied to the A-10C II. Otherwise a lot of mission have to be changed quite a bit as they might not have the coalitions set up accordingly to allow simply changing the airframe from the former model to the new one.
  17. I am unable to have a group belonging to a country not being USA to use the A10-C II aircraft. It just does not show up in the list of available aircraft.
  18. Just to make sure, are you a Hog driver IRL? I'm not a SME, but this is what I was reading in the Dash-1 (NeMoGas even quoted it, what I was trying to avoid due to forum rules *cough*). Might be the real A-10 does not follow the Dash-1 on that one (IRL bug?).
  19. Although I would love to have a fully ARC210 integration with the UFC as it was wished for by Snoopy in this thread, I could understand if we don't get this. However, if ED decides against implementing a full integration, I would like them to at least consider allowing us to use those 6 blank buttons on the UFC as standard button inputs. This should be a pretty easy to implement and we could use this to maybe switch through the preset channels for each radio.
  20. dcs76

    Updated UFC

    Sorry, did not want to hijack. I also would love a full UFC/ARC210 integration (including the info of the selected chans/freqs in the HUD - oh no not again hijacking/getting off track ...). I'll create another thread for my wish.
  21. Using the radio preset dial on victor and fox mike radios does not work for channels 1 to 6. It always shows channel 1 when switching. After switching through the first 6 channels, it jumps from right 1 to 7, 8, 9 and so on.
  22. According to the Dash 1, the hooks on TAD and HMCS are independent. However, the HUD will display the hookship of whatever got hooked last. So if you hook something on the TAD and after that hook something else via HMCS, the HUD should show the hookship symbol for the object which was hooked with the HMCS.
  23. When a symbol is hooked on the TAD page, it should be possible to create a waypoint with OSB 17 based on that hookships coordinates. Entering something in the scratchpad before hitting OSB 17 creates a waypoint with the entered name. I would like to have this feature added to the Tank Killer. At the moment this requires more work and wastes a markpoint, as you have to create a markpoint and then use CDU to create an actual waypoint based on that markpoint. We use this quite a lot during our sorties to mark, share and store locations which we will work on during the remainder of the mission.
  24. dcs76

    Updated UFC

    I would already be satisfied if those 6 buttons (blank or not) would be able to be used for input by clicking on them. This way I could put some functionality on them (like switching through presets, IFF IDENT, etc.). I understand that a complete radio integration would be more expensive and not on the roadmap, but let us at least use those buttons to some extend.
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