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  1. Not sure if it is still necessary but I would deactivate all modules from module manager. Also copy dcs game to a different drive so you don’t have to download it again. Make a back-up of dcs folders from windows saved game folder. You can load key mappings from that folder from each controller per aircraft.
  2. try editing the option.lua ["graphics"] = { ["multiMonitorSetup"] = "1camera",
  3. even if aircraft looses assignments the files does not disappears. all you have to do is load every controllers' profiles from their correct aircraft folders
  4. There is now a WMR/Graphics(Smiling ski mask) settings you can change in SteamVR. It is accessible on lower left corner of SteamVR dashboard while in VR. So first have to enable “Show Settings Tab” under “SteamVR Settings/Dashboard” before you put on the headset.
  5. try moving the options.lua from """C:\Users\UserNamel\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\""" folder to desktop or other folder. DCS should create a new file which will reset all settings to default. from there adjust your settings back to your liking, not sure if you have to remap the control assignments. if you have to, you can re-load the same files from each aircraft that you have.
  6. I have read somewhere Nvidia has issues with new drivers, has something to do with fps monitoring. So i just close gpu tweaker, nvidia experience, and even dcs fps display. I also choose Best performance in Windows System advance properties(makes browser letters looks crapy)and half core cpu affinity to DCS and other half to VR processes(hololens...something). Best thing is, I also can forget about the fps and enjoy the sim.
  7. I think best VR version, it may have been because of tuning for the other cloud sim 2020. I just have to stop my self from cranking the my settings any higher. Now have no excuse not to play/(relearn modules) the campaigns lol
  8. I think current open beta version is the smoothest version in VR so this time is the best time to get VR, or at least before the clouds/atmosphere update rolls out. that way you'll have a good idea of what to shoot for every time an update is release for better or worst.
  9. I think the problem with game mode or any other game boost app is it gives DCS.exe more recourses and takes away from other services. which is bad if you are running VR and/or online, because you need just as much priorities with services such as steamvr,wmr,tcp,etc.
  10. Snatch myself an i9 10900K, have my wife post it on facebook marketplace for $70 mark up, of course no one wants it, so I’ll end up upgrading with it soon.
  11. When you open the WMR app does the desktop screen blinks? Thats when windows adds the HMD to display to. When ever I’ll have issue with hmd not getting detected, wmr comes up without that blink, I would then disable and reenable the hmd in device mngr
  12. Just got my 2nd hmd replacement yesterday, the 1st replacement had a curb column line like dead pixels in inner left eye. Now that I’ve tried 3 total, it feels like they’re not all created equal. 2nd feels tracking is snappier, 3rd hmd feels like gamma is darker but with visible outer rings when looking at bright lights with dark background on peripheral. Just an advice though. Put a sort of tie to hung the hmd cable loosely towards the circular back strap. So the small cable does not twist bend 90 degrees down as it carries the rest(thick) cable.
  13. Try reset HMD and Environment on WMR settings, also uninstall the HMD Halo “something” from device manager then reseat the cable so windows will reinstall the drivers
  14. Try to back up and remove your option or config lua from your save game(I forgot which is called) but the idea is to have DCS boot up with default settings
  15. custhelp.com I would be very careful do download from that link.. Edit: disregard, I looks like the download link brings you back to Nvidia.com, just coz tabs link brings you back to nvidia domain as well. like those fishing websites.
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