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  1. I really like the vibe in this thread. It's like we're trying really hard to not scare the new dev away. Keep it up, we can do better than we have done before, I'm sure of it.
  2. Uh, war das nicht einfach nur F5? Der Gegner muss dafür in visual range sein. Wenn er noch 20NM weit weg ist, passiert einfach gar nichts. Edit: Oh, ups.. wir reden über Bodeneinheiten. Gibt es da Entfernungslimits? Würde mich nicht wundern... aber hab ich nicht getestet.
  3. So, you're just complaining that the Tomcat is the Tomcat now? Ok. I misunderstood.
  4. Well, there's a reason why procedure in flat spins is to jettison canopy first, can't really blame Iceman for Maverick's crew not to follow procedure. And Iceman doesn't have the tendency to leave his wingman alone, either. He keeps his cool, he's a team player. He is the good aviator in that movie.
  5. Nice, direct mal Manuals runterladen.
  6. Which model? A or B? They sound very different. And also, a short clip might help. I find that audio discussions are very different/difficult because people hear very differently. And while we can all talk for days about our visual impressions and have the vocabulary for that, humans tend to have a really difficult time talking about complicated soundscapes. Took me three guys and hours of explanations to find someone that realised I was talking about the external sounds being overlaid by... what I could only describe as "the distant flyby growling sound at altitude, high subsonic speeds that
  7. For the sake of a fun discussion, I'll take the immediate exit ramp and disagree with you here. Top Gun is an excellent training film (for us gamers) and everyone should strive to be like the true hero of the movie, Iceman.
  8. You can't engage the altitude hold without also engaging the master mode (ie. attitude hold). What you're describing is the attitude hold being overridden and then reengaging once the stick input is gone. What I would suggest is disengaging the autopilot, make your adjustments and then reengaging it. That is much smoother and more precise.
  9. I think the biggest support right now is just to be patient. Don't expect this thing before 2023. It'll take a while. And even 2023 might be a too optimistic wish... Be excited, be happy, but don't get frustrated over how long it takes. That's probably the best you can do!
  10. I hate to be that guy, but after probably answering these questions a few dozen times, Heatblur created a FAQ: It's probably a good idea to stick to that FAQ and assume nothing has changed.
  11. Make sure your have a wind over deck (headwind + carrier speed) of about 25 knots, that will help you. I find it very difficult to get the geometry right on public servers that don't set the carrier up correctly. A little crosswind is fine, but I feel like 10 knots crosswind is excessive...
  12. Es gibt keinerlei Anzeichen dafür das irgendeines der Module nicht erscheinen sollte. Macht euch nicht verrückt. Funkstille bedeutet einfach das die Jungs an den Projekten arbeiten, statt nur darüber zu reden (*hust* Razbam *hust*). Man bedenke auch, dass die 3D Modelle relativ schnell große Fortschritte zeigen. Liegt in der Natur eines visuellen Produktes. Programmierung kann man eben nicht so einfach zeigen. Zumindest nicht ohne direkt ein Video mit Erklärungen usw. zu produzieren, was einigen Aufwand erfordert. Und der Programmcode ist leider das, was am längsten dauert und den
  13. I have no idea what you are trying to say here. I'm responding to the immediate preceeding two posts. Otherwise I would have quoted. And my statement is valid regardless of your personal approval.
  14. Not sure if you read what he said. He said he uses autopilot to make himself a stable platform as lead for wingment to fly off of. He said he doesn't use autopilot in a wing position.
  15. Given that the Adams Group existed before TrueGrit and already had contracts with the German Air Force for simulations, I'm not inclined to think that they are the reason for the radio silence. It's most likely that they do not want to repeat the mistakes of certain other companies and go more the way of HB. They announced themselves, showed a few pictures to demonstrate that they're serious and now they're doing the bulk of the work that has to be done. HB did the same with the Tomcat. It's probably the smarter approach.
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