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  1. Hmmm, could we get an overview or update on the status of these keybinds?
  2. Lots of good advice here. A few bullet points I typically give people are: - You need to be relaxed. If you're not in a zen like state, it won't happen. When you feel you're tensing up, you need to actively relax yourself. A death grip on the stick isn't helping. You're looking more for the Two-Finger-Control type of grip. - Your wings are in bomb mode, that is good. Makes it more stable. But your roll axis will be more sensitive. - Watch your closure. Your throttle adjustments are too big. Don't get impatient. - Park yourself about 5-10 feet away from the basket and
  3. Ist ein bissel weit gefasst, da könnte man (und hat man) ganze Bücher drüber schreiben. Hier ist ein ganz ordentlicher Einstieg auf Youtube:
  4. Ah, gute Fragen... mal schauen, ob ich einige davon klären kann. Um mehr als ein Ziel mit AIM-54 zu bekämpfen, musst du im TWS Modus sein. RWS = Ich will einfach alles sehen ohne gleich aggressiv zu werden. TWS = Ich will einige bestimmte Ziele genauer betrachten und ggfs. alle gleichzeitig bekämpfen. STT = Ich will nur ganz genau diesem einen Typen den Tag so richtig versauen. Jester geht normal selbständig von RWS in TWS Auto über, wenn du nah genug rankommst. Eine gute Schussdistanz sind so 25-35 Meilen. Wenn du eher große Ziele hast, die nicht
  5. Congratulations, you just described the very reason the US had Grumman design the F-14 the way it is. Well done. Now that you have understood how a realistic depiction of the F-14's premise works, would you like to try again? I find these discussions interesting in that it makes me think about military research and development and I came to the conclusion very quickly that the whole underlying point of military R&D is to be as unbalanced, cheesy and unfair to the other side as possible. So complaining about study level simulation and saying it's "a hell to balance" is pretty co
  6. Tbh, I'm getting so bored with AAR in DCS, I'm almost wishing for the aerodynamics of AAR to be implemented to make it more interesting. But, we don't have the comparison and I can totally believe that having the seat of your pants telling you what the airframe is doing making things a lot easier. Also, unlike the flat screen that I use, IRL it's basically... right THERE. I feel there is a bit of a remoteness feeling for me, since I don't use VR. I can see how it would be easier... and let's not forget they got a lot of practice over Iraq from all I've heard. Poor guys, sitting in the cockpit
  7. I'm pretty indifferent to this topic, but I suspect that simmers tend to focus on HUD symbology a little too much. I found that life got a lot easier with those "clutterhuds" when you just looked at the world through the HUD and flew the plane (whatever plane, Hornet or Tomcat) that way, augmenting your information with the HUD when you need it. Flying the world instead of flying the HUD is what I call it in my head. I wonder how it is IRL, where 3D is more of a thing, but I can definitely tell that sometimes I tunnel on HUD symbology and don't really perceive what I'm looking at behind the sy
  8. While I generally agree with your points, this is a misconception. People tend to come across much angrier than they actually are when they post on forums. It's the curse of the written word that you can be much more dramatic in saying something that you would very calmly get across if you were face to face. Perhaps the lack of visual cues prompts people to emphasize their lingering mood that way. And of course, in a face-to-face situation, people's reactions (nodding or frowning) to the beginning of your argument's statement may temper how you end it. Which happens more often than people woul
  9. Thanks for confirming this, I kinda figured that's how it made most sense. Which is great, because it adds to the crew coordination thing in MP.
  10. Thank you Flappie, that is a good workaround. It is not a solution, however. If I have the choice of Fullscreen or Windowed mode, both need to work. Some recording software works better in fullscreen. I will play in windowed for now, but the bug report still stands, unfortunately. Thank you for the advice, though! It seems to work, as I just tested it. Who knew?
  11. Whenever I start up DCS and it isn't the focus in windows, the splash screen doesn't get removed when I get into the main menu. The game isn't technically crashed, I can hear the music and experimentation has shown that my mouse still works and I can click on things. But I can't actually see the mouse or what I'm doing. Since sometimes programs will take focus or.. since I am on a multitasking OS, I click on a web browser to do stuff, this happens fairly often.
  12. PLM has a very limited use case, IMO. I only ever use it when I'm the free fighter and need to lock the enemy dogfighting my buddy.
  13. I just get a RIO and fly a two seater aircraft with a two-man crew. That seems to solve the problem for the most part. In lieu of that, voice attack does a fine job. Jester's a bit dimwitted, but so are some people in the RIO seat, it's a challenge but not an obstacle. You can create macros for any sort of Jester wheel combination, by the way. So why not go ahead and do that?
  14. Since it's mostly relevant to dogfighting, you'll find the option to drop fuel tanks in the WVR section of the Jester menu. It's not normally a thing you need to do for BVR.
  15. If you look at the actual switch for the pilot, it's on the left side wall. I've never sat in that cockpit, but just visually judging it'd be very awkward to hit that switch when you're about to merge, ie. take your hand of the throttle. And what's worse, you may want to switch between hi and lo depending on the merge and what your gameplan is. I can totally see the RIO doing this for you being a thing. PLM is on the throttle, so that gives the pilot a mode he can activate himself. It overrides the other ACM modes and is pretty good to snipe a target in close (ie. when two targets are close to
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