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  1. If your looking for missions that use both the F18C and the Supercarrier... go to Mission---F18C---SuperCarrier- based missions. I use the SuperCarrier Cold Start to keep the fundamentals sharp. Hope that helps.
  2. I get the same screen rendition as you do (no fix that I am aware of). I also lose complete mouse "click-ability" in the FA-18C occasionally-- it usually corrects itself after a couple of minutes. I get better reliability with the "mouse in window" option selected in the DCS "VR" option page.
  3. I did not not save the track for replay but I do have the Tacview file. Thanks for the quick response. Tacview-20201216-062416-DCS-PG-SUPERCARRIER-HORNET-COLD START.zip.acmi
  4. It finally happened. After a couple of near misses in the last couple of weeks, I finally collided with my "wingman" immediately after launch in the Supercarrier module. As a consequence, I was admonished for "fratricide" and punished with the loss of my combat points. Is this a software problem or am I responsible for staggering the launches? How do I prevent it? Thanks.
  5. Holton181, I was afraid that might be the case. Thanks for your reply!
  6. I seemed to have lost all of my subscriptions with the new format. Every time I try to re-subscribe, I get "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page". What am I doing wrong? A new qualification procedure?
  7. I am having the same problems. After the latest updates, nothing is being recorded in the logbook section-- total flight time, shoot-downs, etc. The data collection option is checked in both versions. Also there is no debriefing after each instant mission. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks "crab". I have been using the Saitek 52 Pro software for years but I got the sense that I had to use the DCS setup to fly the F/A-18. You have saved me a great deal of time. Thanks again!!!
  9. Looking for a first rate combat .lua file for my DCS: F/A-18C (sim mode) and Logitech X-56 (white labels). I am new to DCS and am having a difficult time transferring from Saitek and Logitech setup software to the "new" DCS throttle and HOTAS setup software. Thanks in advance.
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