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  1. Howdy fellas, We got a strange thing occuring in the last Mission. It seems like that sometimes the Box for changing the MODEX is missing in the rearmament Window. Does anyone have an idea why that's the case? Is it a Bug or is there an Option we are missing? The strange Thing is it only happens sometimes. Cheers Mav CVW-66
  2. Hey mangaroca, Yeah we are still active we will contact you soon! It was a busy week ;) Cheers Mav
  3. yeah i know... i dont wrote anything like this. you don´t have to input the ILS Frequency instead just select the ICLS Channel that the 'Mod assigns to the Airfield. And that there is a Text File within the Mod where you can see the ICLS Channels.
  4. Reading the Text Documents in such Mods often solves this kind of questions ;) Nellis AFB ICLS Runway 21L Channel 1
  5. S300 is in there called sa-10 But youll need launchers radars and commands unit. There are templates for IT too
  6. try to take your feet away from the pedals. maybe your wheelbrake is also assigned to a button or something in this video you are definitely applying Brakes!!
  7. 4. map it to a ministick if your throttle has one and add curves in the control Setting then the movement of the Cursor becomes much more Precise, works fine for me but of course its not a TGP ;)
  8. Hey, is there a way to get this thing hosted on a server without having the module (in my case the Hornet) installed on this client dont seem to work because there is no mission Folder for this module. i`ve already tried to create just the Folder withe its path but dont works either
  9. Muss mich mal kurz zu der T/O Trimmung äußern. die Standard 12° NU sind nur für Start von einer Runway. Bei einem Start vom Träger hängt die Trimmung vom Gewicht des Flugzeugs ab und varriert zwischen 16-19° NU. Nachzulesen im NATOPS mit Diagram bei welchem Gewicht welche Trimmung einzustellen ist. Zusammenfassung: Below 44,000 gross weight = stab trim 16 degrees (MIL or burners) 45,000 to 48,000 gross weight = stab trim 17 degrees (MIL or burners) 49,000 and above = stab trim 19 degrees (Burners required) Abgesehen davon gibt es auch durchaus Situationen in denen mit FULL Fl
  10. yeah happened to me when my rejoin with the Tanker was little fast and i had to pull above. Never thought that such small detail can get me so excited. Thanks ED :D
  11. basically its just a term for the final approach aka the ball flying part of the approach and the range from 17-28 secs is just because you will not always do your final Turn at exact the same Moment plus the diffrent wind speeds and dirrections
  12. use unlimited ammunition in your options should work for CM`s too
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