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  1. I have exactly this issue as well and would be very interested in what other people have for solutions? Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  2. If I wanted to do something similar for the AV-8B where would be a good place to start?
  3. This is great and exactly what I was after, it only has the harrier profile but can see all the other planes you have. Do you have profiles for all those too! Thanks very much for this, I'm hoping to figure out a way to display the nozzle angle for the AV-8B too. nosaMtrevoC has been doing some great work with the F14 here.
  4. Does anyone have a profile for the AV-8B? I'm struggling to get this set up.
  5. Great, got it working but the rpm bars are too far to the edge, they cover the L and R, do you know how to bring the bars closer together?
  6. Your F14B.lua should go in?: C:\Users\<USER>\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules\
  7. I can't seem to make it work. There isn't a DCS ID 51057 in the ID Lookup. Any idea?
  8. Did anyone manage to download the files before they were removed? Is the one on your website the correct verison? Thanks
  9. Any chance on uploading this? Would love to try this out!
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