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  1. Yes I’ve noticed this too when starting a flight in the morning.
  2. Yep, I think so. Time to target still works in CCRP mode. it’s what I use until it’s released.
  3. Hey Dmitri, At 1200 lbs fuel and no stores you are gonna float some way... try adding two fuel tanks at least (144 Approach speed + 4 for every 1000lbs of fuel and stores). 180 at threshold is far too fast, at 1200lbs fuel app speed should be about 150 max (plus 5 if applicable)
  4. Throttle to idle before touchdown, I think it should be about when you cross the threshold. Re-read the IP post. as for how do I maintain directional control, I use medium pressure not threshold braking and make use of differential braking. Prior to that I maintain 13-15 AOA in the aerobrake and rudder to maintain centreline, once the nose drops on its own I maintain full aft on the stick and deploy full speed brake, then as suggested I test out the brakes. Once speed is about 70 I brake carefully.
  5. Here is a very short track file for the instant action canyon run mission, I select each steerpoint in turn to show the missing TTG then demonstrate that in CCRP AG mode the SPI/ Steerpoint TTG is present. TTG in Nav and CCRP.trk
  6. I have read in several places that NWS should not be used at speeds greater than taxi speed. So I only engage it just before runway turn off. As mentioned the brakes are kinda broke at the moment, anti skid appears not to work and the wheels lock up too easily. There is another post on here by a retired IP for the F16 where he takes you through the landing in great detail. My main takeaway from that was to only brake from around 70 knots, until then it’s just aerobrake and aft stick/ full air brake.
  7. Oh, I feel stupid for not trying that... thanks
  8. As above, I lock onto an SD at a SA-11 site and get painted by the 11, I want to unlock the SD to target the 11. TMS aft does not unlock the search radar? thanks
  9. Yes I have this issue too, like you said if you switch to AG mode CCRP I can see the time but not in NAV mode anymore. Edit: for clarity this is cold and dark start with stores heading alignment showing /10. No other issues with steerpoints.
  10. Can you expand on this please? Sounds promising. cheers
  11. I’d put trees to max, looks much better on the Syria map. Also, water to medium if you fly over water and civ traffic on (makes the map feel alive)
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