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  1. Yeah I thought about that as well. But the TEDAC extends. And I preferably would like to keep it kind of like the real aircraft. (I want to make a setup that covers both the P and CPG station.) Also if I want to be extremely picky both MFDs seem to be slanted (I think this is the right word). They are not completely flat like most MFDs in jets. So that is why I am looking for smaller screens that are roughly the same size. But it is a good solution of I cannot find anything in the end. If I do find anything I will post it here though.
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently trying to create a simpitTM myself (it'll will be jank because 1. I'm a student and 2. I have no space at all). But I am running into the problem that I want to have a screen for the TEDAC and MFDs that is roughly the right size. I was wondering if anyone has found any screens that wont cost me and arm and a liver to buy.
  3. @BIGNEWY @NineLine Sorry for the tag but this has been here for a while with no response. Thanks
  4. Tom_

    B Mk IX / PR Mk IX

    this just screams "GIB"
  5. Tom_

    B Mk IX / PR Mk IX

    +1 from me. GIB bomber mossy. Of course after the current version is ironed out
  6. P47 hyd bug.trkI tried it in single player. still behaves like that. here is the track.
  7. Me and a mate of mine were flying the 47 in multiplayer. But after shutting down the hydraulic pressure did not go down. We both made it completely dark with no ground power. Yet the hydraulic pressure stayed at 1000 even when we operated the flaps mutiple times from completely retracted to completely extended.
  8. I now know how people feel when i ask for loggies
  9. 1000000% the same! Just seeing if I can blap anyone out of the sky
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