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  1. In the end its up to ED. I am not going to play economic expert or whatever. I just wanted to let ED know i think a lot of people would like it. So far i have gotten more positive responses then negative ones. If its viable in terms of code and sales is up to ED.
  2. +1 on the hoist and troop transport
  3. I am sorry if i seemed angry. I was not angry or pissed! I love all ideas that people come up with! More ideas = better! +1
  4. I personally don't see how CA would fit gunner stations. CA is Combined Arms. That is the cooperation between air and an other type of combat. Like ground troops. Gunners are not ground troops. They are air troops. I feel like that would just make CA an even more weird module then it already is. I always saw it like the FC3 of the ground. FC3 doesnt have ground troops included, so CA should not include air troops.
  5. I personally dont think this would be a good idea. With the door stations becoming free anyone who already has the huey module would still be able to use it. If you would lock it behind a paywall it would suddenly be locked for everyone that has the huey and not CA. I think the door stations would need to be free or just as they are now. CA (in my opinion) should keep it at ground units and not planes.
  6. I have spend some time arguing with some friends and there are some things id like to add: Community feeling scammed: Now, I do not know everyone in the community. Not even close. But I personally don't know anyone who has bought the huey just to be a gunner. Making the gunner positions free would most likely not anger many people. Seeing as the most features are in the front 2 seats (pilot and co pilot). Why do you buy a module? My guess is that most people buy it to fly it. So I personally dont think this would be a problem. If you are someone who has bought the huey just fo
  7. I think ED should allow stations that do not require advanced system handling to be open to everyone. Why? Look at il2 (the sim). It is really popular with its bombers and larger planes. That sim also has multicrew. Every gunner station can be used by ANYONE. It is not locked behind a paywall (you do have to own the game). Why doesn't ED do something like this? I understand the co-pilot has to own the module. And if it was a more modern plane I can understand you would need to own the module if you want to use, lets say a radar or whatever. But stuff like gunner stations or other stations that
  8. I am glad you like my idea! I will keep improving it. I hope to have a semi fleshed out idea within a month or 2. A lot of work will still need to be done however before i am really confident in the idea though.
  9. I made a quick example of how it would look inside the ME. This could be the "banned weapons" tab. The image on the map is just a placeholder. I will try to make more examples for the countries and aircraft tabs. This idea is still really young and would need a lot more thinking before it would be ready to be implemented. There are still some problems that would need to be fixed like radio channels. Ill try and come up with solutions for those as time goes on. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  10. No it would be just in the mission editor. I will try to make a image to illustrate how it could look in the ME.
  11. Why? Sandbox This idea comes from a inconvenience I have had for quite a while now. I like to make a "sandbox" mission for every map. Just for me and my buddies. So what I would do is put 6 of every playable aircraft in the mission. You might already see the problem. There are almost no (if there are some) airfields that can accommodate for that many aircraft. If we make a quick calculation we know that there are roughly 40 playable aircraft (I don't have access to the game at the moment so I cant count in game). If we take that 40 number and multiply it by 6 we get a whopping 240 ai
  12. If possible at all i think it would be nice the have them both as free modules. It will still allow new players to get a taste if SEAD with the 25t and give people access to the oh so iconic a10. I know this is a long shot, but i still want to put it out there. EDIT: spelling error
  13. Wouldnt CA players think this is screwing them over? I do think this is a good idea, but we should take CA owners into account. It is similar after all, even if it's more realistic.
  14. This would make carrier landings a lot more fun
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