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  1. Hi all, so far i have been spending my f16 time starting on runway and freeflight, canyon runs, all the beginner stuff and sorting out my hardware. so now its time to bite the bullet and learn all the detailed stuff, i want to put together a list of all the main topics to research and practice. so far i have detailed the cold startup, next will be landing. can you provide your comments as to main aspects i should be learning that are specific to F16. iam liking spudknockers videos as he seems to go into a bit of extra detail so ill be using his tutorials as a guide, open to other suggestio
  2. treasure


    at the moment i am just doing offline free flight. i am trying to find all the interesting terrain sections i see from watching youtube videos and i cant seem to find anything, i can only find the hoover dam and lake mead. is the terrain that is presented different from offline play to online play? TIA
  3. such a joy not to be battling with my stick anymore, its so light i could fly with my pinky. rotating the stick through its full range of movement i can still detect some "positional" stiff areas, but so minor. should i decide to swap the cams and springs, what differences would i see? my thinking is it should probably be a bit firmer but not really fussed right now as just happy to have a light stick after so long with TM problems - what a relief. i removed the centre dead-zone and no problems at all.
  4. when i refer to the stick, i mean just the joystick itself, not any extension
  5. thanks for your thoughts guys, seems like this removing screws is a non issue for me
  6. Hi Guys received my new warbrd base, now to attach Thtustmaster warthog stick instructions say to remove the 2 screws holding warbrd connector onto warbrd base (female connector) the picture on the virpil site shows the connector sitting on top of the base (see pic in post). the base i got however must be the next version as the connector housing does not sit on top, only the round connector section appears through a hole in the base. if i undo the holding screws then the connector may just fall into the housing below. what do i do here? btw, the "screws" are actually very s
  7. need to replace TM base, even with lighter spring and stripping TM base down to sand and grease, its still too firm. now i have to replace it, i cant believe there is so much hype around about TM being so great, it has cost me dearly and wasted so much time, is there some sort of mass hypnosis going on here or something?
  8. any thoughts on these areas? there are so may great battles that could be fought here, battle of midway, list goes on. i appreciate accusations of racism can be heightened in this area of the world though, so maybe thats why it isnt considered and what about MIG ally?
  9. Hi Guys, hopefully someone can assist with my query. i bought the F5 so i could go through the ACM tutorials, i thought it would be a good learning experience. With all my other aircraft i can just hop in and fly virtually straight away, with the F5 i have to do weight calculations and trim settings before i take off otherwise the plane is difficult to control. if i am just doing the tutorials, is there a default set of setting i can use? for the purpose of the tutorials i wont need a weapons loadout, i just want to learn the manoeuvres, generally i am very time poor, so i prefe
  10. Hey guys, just got the f5 and it wants to pitch up all the time, have to hold joystick forward just to be able to level flight. i have taken all axis controls right back to absolute minimum but still cant stop it pitching up. any thoughts on how to fix this?
  11. dont have any platforms subscribed to, but happy to setup twitch or whatever is used.
  12. Hi Guys, i installed these 2, however the F22 i can only watch fly, but cant control it, and the SU57 wount start up, but does appear in the bottom row where an aircraft is selected. So has DCS disabled these? happy to persevere to get these working if they will work, but dont want to waste my time if it aint going to happen. TIA
  13. hey Lange, would you mind providing a link to where i can view the Cougar? thx
  14. wish i could see where u greased it if you didnt open it
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