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  1. Pretty much 1 and 3. I get home at 7-8, so I need the sleep. I still can't play because I need a better graphics card and my disc drive is full.
  2. Listened to this classic again. Reminds me of the Vietnam War-era. Even better to fly in DCS in a UH-1 gunship. There is a Vietnam map mod right? XR8LFNUr3vw
  3. Sad. I hope people can escape this disaster!
  4. Hello fellow aviators! Hopefully I am doing this right! As being posted in "Sim Research" what kind joystick exactly is recommended when it comes to DCS? I considered getting the following gear in the image: What joystick do you guys use? Feedback would be appreciated!
  5. HOLY CRAP! I know what I'm doing if I see that satanist creature!
  6. Nine years later. There's some good ones, I like the beat in this one and sometimes fly with it playing in the background. Good stuff. 45QOPG_XkOM
  7. The first when I'm flying in DCS at sunset, the second during a mission or after one. W9W2PiVUrws LLmpgAXV66A
  8. George here! I hope I can get things needed so I can be apart of the DCS community! My computer is not the best for playing DCS, so I'll have to be patient! Hopefully I'll get the MIG-21 (my favorite of all), the F-18 (second favorite), TF-51 Mustang, MIG-15, and most of all, the AV-8B Harrier II!
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