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  1. https://discord.gg/52Tv9YV JustDude has created a discord hosting 2 DCS servers; Playground, and Drunk Tank, featuring Surrexen's Persistent Operation Snowfox Escalation and a Brand New persistent IADS Syria map created and evolving by Wizard. We are just a group of like-minded individuals simply having fun flying all the modules and maps in DCS and a few other simulations. This Sunday we are having a giveaway to our US members during our weekly mission. Join us now and check it out. Type !servers in general chat to see the map and mission running on our servers, and type in !event
  2. I have the same issue for the harrier
  3. PVE Server. Not creating a named squadron or anything, just a place for people to learn more advanced aspects of modules and cooperative play. This is not a training server, but we will having a training server available in the near future. Playground typically runs the PERSIAN GULF map. We will be running all of them at any given time, but primarily PG. Playground is well known for stability and the ability to hold around 50 players comfortably, so it is a great place to enjoy a friendly multiplayer flight. We are running extremely good persistent maps by Surrexen as well as many other
  4. I replaced my 400 dollar router with the one my isp gave me and the disconnects stopped. Must have been some incompatibility. Anyone need a nighthawk :-)
  5. i-7 8700 Gigabit down (about 940) and 45 up. I am using a netgear nighthawk router with a gigabit modem provided by Spectrum, my provider.
  6. I run a dedicated server for GR, and I keep having an issue where the game disconnects half, or all of the clients at the same time but the server keeps running. Is this an SLMOD error? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Running on a fast machine with 32gig ram, 1 gig down and 45 meg up, open beta with version 7.5 SLMOD. This is what the log says at the time of the disconnects (you can see the clients drop about 1/4 of the way down):
  7. I am worried what this is going to do to a mission running 6 hours long... is the server going to track and send this to every player for every missile fired in the game? It will kill it.
  8. I am getting the same thing on my server. Is anyone else seeing this? Missiles seem to explode but keep going forever. Either into space or underground.
  9. My server is having the exact same error. Don't really want to reinstall, but if I have to, so be it.
  10. Yes, res is not scaling out to 3840x2160. I have to half my resolution to make it work.
  11. For my setup, the menue UI on the top and many of the moveable menu's are just very small. Once i learn all of the menus it wont be an issue im sure but on a 65" monitor in 4k, it is really tiny. For now i will half my resolutuon while i learn and hope that will make it easier. Thank you by the way, great software to use with dcs
  12. Any chance we can get UI scaling for 3840x2160? Text is really hard to read even by maxing what we can change.
  13. It happens whether I scale the user interface in windows or not. Makes no difference, and if it does, it works once, then starts all over again with the same problems. Does not scaling in windows work for people?
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