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  1. Awesome. I played with that file a bit myself but it was a pain to get the numbers just right. Thank you. Now I got the correct top speed at sea level and altitude and fuel burns set.
  2. In DCS the user created mig31-bm located here used to work flawless. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2087361/ However about a year or so ago the cockpit view ceased to work. As the camera view floated above the plane. I have tried to move the view but could never get it positioned right so you are in the seat. Does anybody know of a fix or has done a fix they could share?
  3. I hit my emergency jetison stores button and it doesn't do anything. Am i doing something wrong to achieve this? Often I am trying to drop the fuel tanks. Does anybody know how to do it? -I see this is a known issue currently. Mods feel free to delete this thread.
  4. out of all my modules f14b and ka50 (helicopter) are the worst.
  5. So nothing works at all in combined arms in VR?
  6. Awesome thank you buddy. No wonder i've been having a pain. I have been searching in here the whole time. C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F14
  7. How do you get it so another country besides usa can use the f14b? Usually in the lua script you can add countries by using this code Countries = {"Russia","Abkhazia"}, But it seems everything related is a crypt file so you can't change anything including looking at the missile data from the aim54c. Is there a location i am neglecting to see where this is editable?
  8. Missiles working great in new patch. :)
  9. if you hold right control+ enter above your joytick location you can see the modes you are currently in. I use that for help on modes.
  10. Great mod! Yes I lack the weapons too. Tomorrow I will see if I can figure out a quick fix.
  11. Whoa the fix for landing might come out tonight??
  12. Nice that won't break the processing power bank when it comes to VR.
  13. I had dcs years ago and lost interest relatively quick. Came back to DCS with a vive as swiviver hinted about it. Been hooked heavily all because of VR. What's holding VR back is lack of graphics power. We need better processing power. Sad but a 2080ti is simply not enough horsepower. ___________________ i7 7700, 1080ti, 16gb, peasant PC machine
  14. Excited to see landing fixed and new radar/RWR screens!
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