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    Started on F-19 Stealth Fighter back in the day. Then all the Janes, NovaLogic, Flight Sim for Windows 3.0 and onward. Had a 10 year hiatus until getting back in via IL2 series and DCS.
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  1. Love the videos! The 2nd one really got me stoked and answered a ton of questions about the "Papa" variant.
  2. No password is required as it is a public server. Info is on page one, post one of this thread. SRS server uses the same IP address as the server itself. We currently have two fairly active squadrons that are on Korea!, those being the 14AD (Red Air) and 366th (Blue Air). You will find some of us 39th guys on every so often. I myself will usually join which ever side is at a disadvantage numbers wise.
  3. Seeding the server is a good way to get people on. Keep an eye on the server as well as the server's official Discord. Even simply just being in the Discord voice chat sections and hanging out will help get people on board. Many times a simple familiarization flight on the server will start bringing in people once they see someone is on. Fortunately we have a MiG squadron (14AD; 14th Fighter Aviation Division) that has been occupying the server on a regular basis and that has helped bring the numbers up. The 39th is still around with a few members hoping on every now and then; though you
  4. Version 1.0.1 is now available for download!
  5. I believe this stems from it being written in .rtf using JARTE. When I test the print preview in Notepad or Word the format comes out almost correct, the only discrepancy I can see is that the change date on each page shifts. I'll add optimization to the list of things to do however. Thanks for the observation!
  6. Good Evening Tomcat crews! Started working on a out-of-game knee-board. Basically, I prefer to have a physical knee-board in hand when flying DCS. The purpose of this document is to provide a physical knee-board you can print off, laminate and write on using a marker. I also am a more casual DCS pilot. Realism means a fair bit to me, however still being on active duty I do not get long stints to learn and retain all the information needed to truly master my chosen aircraft. Therefore, I have this knee-board setup for simplicity vice full on realism. I strive to make this document one you
  7. When landing, I have been flying the F-14 like I fly the Huey. Just use "micro-movements". I find that it is a game of finesse over brute strength.
  8. Thanks for the link! Not a whole lot of internet 100 miles off shore.
  9. Can’t wait you guys, looks awesome!
  10. Between keeping up proficiency with the Sabre, relearning the BlackShark and entering the Tomcat syllabus I am going to have plenty to do before the Hind comes out. Definitely will give the Mig-19 a go. So much for saving money this year...
  11. Mostly going to play RIO with a little pilot action here and there. I spend a lot of time away from home, so in theory I can bring less gear with me but still be a contributing member to Tomcat crews.
  12. If this is possible, I agree with this.
  13. The 39th VFS primarily flys the F-86F but you will see us flying everything and everything. Even a few who fly other sims.
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