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  1. Thanks Flanker for the event. It was another great opportunity for me to gain priceless experience in the fight under the pressure. :thumbup: Here some highlights from all my fights:
  2. Eniks asked me to sign him up for tournament - he doesn't have an account here. --=Eniks=-- Poland LoneWolf UTC +1 Slupsk, Poland Open Beta
  3. Nice initiative once again. If I may suggest one thing Flanker - based on experiance from previous Hornet Cup - would be nice to see "solution" for unexpected lag during the fight or after the merge causing: 1. Positional lose, 2. Loosing tally, 3. Crashing. If both side confirm lag causing above-mentioned they should reset the fight. (?) If the lag (after the merge) is harmless/temporarly both side can decide if they want to continue or reset. (?) *Callsign: B3rNO *Nationality: Poland *Squadron name: no *Squadron Website: no *Location: Armagh, Nor
  4. Callsign: B3rNO Nationality: Poland Location: UK
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