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  1. MS25212 is the set of standards laid out by the US and adopted by many NATO countries that define the sizes, colour, fonts and other items related to aircraft panels. The side panels will usually follow those standards. You'll also want to read up on Dzus rails and fastners, which is the items used to fix those panels to the cockpit. You'll probably not want to use Dzus due to the costs, but it'll give you some measurements for your own fixings and help work out the height of your panels. Width wise the standard is ~142mm. These however won't be much use for an up front controller which
  2. Those style of switch covers are made by a company called APEM, but they're not cheap (~$60). Microhelis.de however make a clone (which I think is 3D printed?) for about 1/4 of the price, and even come with a switch built into the cover for toggling a cover in the sim.
  3. Changing the GUI scale didn't work for me either. However I reverted to one of the default monitor layouts luas and it started working. I think the new kneeboard doesn't like it when the GUI is a different width and height to the overall screen width and height. Added my monitor layout LUA for reference. I've got two monitors for DCS, both 1920x1080 for a combined 3840x1080 screen resolution. Helios.lua
  4. I'm having the same issue. No border, not able to interact with it at all except scroll through pages like previously. I've also removed all mods and done a refresh on my install too.
  5. I think the BB problem is a general DCS error as I've seen other airframe RWR's showing BB as threats too. It's likely that ED needs to fix that one and not PC.
  6. Are there any guides on creating your own gauges? Or know if there's a generic glass cockpit digital display out there already?
  7. Sure. "High Quality" I've flown literally half a Ka-50 back to base so many times. The HIP damage model seems to wax and wane between tissue paper and dense stalinium. Both the HIP and Huey do actually have FM issues reported. Polychop actually delivered a working MultiCrew (before it was broken beyond repair by DCS core code changes). People are still waiting for those features for the other helos. All the modules in DCS have quirks. Yet all the modules in DCS are far better than anything I've flown in X-Plane 11 or Flight Simulator. I'm happy with Gaz
  8. I half agree with you there. Concessions sometimes need to be made to compensate for the lack of a second body in the pit. That being said, I think the auto-hover is based on a real system and may represent it's own fickle requirements. We're probably getting as much feedback as the real world pilot would be getting. We don't get kinetic feedback (without specialist hardware) so the red box helps with that. Both the auto-hover and performing a good pop-up comes with practise. But a 1-2m pop-up on a button you hold down may be a great substitute for the lack of a human pilot.
  9. We understand your point completely. The Gazelle isn't how you expect it should be. This is fine, you're allowed to have concerns. However it is not fine that you insist on derailing every thread in PC's section of the forum. Stop posting your personal issues with the module on everyone elses threads. You are destroying meaningful conversation when you do.
  10. Once again. Your personal vendetta against PC has nothing to do with OP's original question.
  11. Just watched a new F-16 video (with Harms) and noticed their RWR was also showing BB. Looks like it might be a general DCS issue.
  12. What has this got to do with OP's original post? If you've still got issues, make a new post. Don't pollute other peoples threads with your rediculous crusade.
  13. Same with the rotor break, if it also isn't fully enaged forward it will also stop the fuel flow lever from fully opening. As Gizmokev says, stick them on a keybind. Or look into some deadzones.
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