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  1. Was dropping them last night with no issues, must be something to do with the bomb codes then. The bombs and the laser are set to matching codes correct? Tried using default codes to see if it works?
  2. I havent seen it happen against npc's buy will give it a test. If it doesnt happen against them the it'll be a little more trouble to setup a mp matchup on a server with zero mods.
  3. Sometimes it is just a jolt. Its maybe 1 out of 10 times the damage occurs. My personal theory is that the turbulence isnt dissapating and is becoming additive as it crosses over itself. It seems to occur more the longer a fight occurs in a given area. I've lost wings in a 7 g turn and I've lost them in a 2 g turn.
  4. The laser is armed and you (have mapped) and are using the first trigger detent to fire the laser while the bomb track to target correct? The L on the pod (lower center) and on the hud should be flashing.
  5. Do not have this problem. I activate my bar using shortcuts via voice attack. If the command uses shift, alt or ctl keys be sure youre using the one on the correct side of the keyboard. Left shift isnt the same as right shift etc. Only thing I could imagine being your problem short of a corrupted install or keybind file. Or perhaps this...https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=278663
  6. The f18 is extremely squirrely on take and landing on airfields. No idea why. Do not have the same problem with any other airframe.
  7. His hanger mod is not making it visible, it just caused the baked in glare to appear unique and identifiable due to the location of the highlights on the vertical stabs. In the default hanger when you look straight ahead in the f10 menu the glare off of the mig 29 weapon pylons create a round glare when you go back to cockpit but since its just a round spot it wasnt so apparent what was causing it. If you look up at the ceiling rafters in the default 3d hanger in the f10 screen when you go back to cockpit you can clearly see a terrible glare that matches the hanger rafter outline. Saying this
  8. Can confirm that this is the mission that used to flip my aircraft over. Guessing something with mission or model has changed since the viper first released. It no longer flips the aircraft over but it still causes enough vibration to upset INS alignment. If I recall I think the F15's originally taxied from past the player starting point and crossed in front of your aircraft causing the destruction. Now it has been changed so the Eagles startup and taxi on the other side closer to the on ramp to the runway. The turbulence is still so strong though that as each plane takes off 100 meters or so
  9. I believe the only mod should have been maybe the range targets mod that was being used by the server. Dont believe I had anything else loaded. Wasnt aware that could effect track files. Would a tacview acmi be of any help?
  10. Have only seen one vid of a viper being effected but its impossible to tell if he was behind a mirage or something else when it happened. Any hard evidence of it happening when no mirage was involved?
  11. Trying to find a group that is open to flying all different modules. Semi-milsim at best. Keeping it professional is great but not interested in having to fly quarterly carrier quals or groups that will boot you for not utilizing realistic comms when departing a field with 2 ppl on the server. Occasional squadron missions would be good, would like to get more proficient at close formation/exhibition flight and would be cool to find a group interested in participating in intersquad DCS competition like SATAL. Havent had the opportunity to do so myself but would enjoy it. Most proficient cur
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=278514 Mirage is causing other aircraft to lose their wings as well.
  13. Anyone know what that f16 was chasing down in the video on page 1? Atm I'm betting it was a Mirage. See thread...https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=278514
  14. Were you in a mirage chasing the mig? Was the F16 chasing a mirage? I agree in that I think turb. is overpowered, but I havent yet seen a wing rip that didnt involve a mirage on one end of the exchange or another. And I've seen and documented quite a few now.
  15. Sharing this info from a thread in the 2.5 forum. Since all accounts I've found involve the mirage in one way or another I thought it should be shared here for Razbam to see. Track files is 28mb so I can't attach it here directly so I will link to an upload below. Is video of one of 2 wing rips that happen in that track file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VNyd09d8JbLIz9xOJZOZprpsmpx1KrjY/view?usp=sharing Is a link to the track file. The first rip is just after 13:33 and the second is after 13:37. When I tried to make a video though the second event doesnt show the vi
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