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  1. No need to look at LIDS, the most important measure is the height of the TPOD tail from the ground. Regardless of plus or n/a, the height of TPOD is always higher in reality. I couldn't find the right photo. So I blinded my eyes, just imagine it is accurate.
  2. Not only that, the height of the belly pylon seems to be different in reality.
  3. But 65E cannot attack multiple targets at the same time.:(
  4. This picture is exactly what I want, thanks. Besides, I have another question that needs your help. The "Maverick in Force Correlate Tracking Mode" can used in A-10C, so I wonder whether AV-8B has the same function.
  5. Please pay attention to the sentence marked in red. And I want to know how it works. Thanks.
  6. Everytime the Belly Pylon will disappear after rearmed.But if GAU-12 Gun pod on here,this wouldn't happen. (OpenBeta 2.5.2) This bug has been fixed.
  7. Does AV-8B have this function like A-10C?
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