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  1. Avoid Rift S in my honest opinion. If youre from EU, i would sell you mine with discount gladly:-)
  2. Thank you. I realized, that it points me to a point from where I should start lining up to rwy. But I didnt know, that this is the point, when I am informed about "visual" if thats what you mean. I thought that message is played anytime i am near the airfield. It wasnt reported in the case i wrote earlier anyway.
  3. Hey, is the parametr for shortcut executing the DCS in option 1/2/3 already known? Thanks
  4. Played for the first time on 2.7, doing just navigation by map in spirfire, and ATC and i was unable to find saint omer, even with atc i am lost spaming. Inbound, abort, inbound, even with start from it, once i flied away, i could not find again by atc cords. In vr. I will try again tommorow, but i am almost feel like atc is pointing me to different location. Had no problem with any england and coastal airfield to find with eyes and map but saint omer is to saint for me to see.
  5. I never made it out of reprojection. When I turn it off, no matter the fps, its stuttering - I have a feeling, it has something to do with Rift S terrible USB support and problems. But New HMD would be next upgrade. Rift S was great in sharpness from cv 1, but overally I dislike it a lot. Too small FOV, bad support.
  6. Hello, I am planning to use my current 1080ti for CryptoMining, and buy a new 3090 for DCS. Can someone, who have experience with Rift S upgrade from 1080ti to 3090 tell, if it worth it, what can i expect and if you are overally satisfied? Thank you. HW: MSI x470 plus, ryzen 2700x, 32gb ram 2977mhz, M2.ssd xpg gammix s11.
  7. Hey. Czech language. There is no hope for us with translations Currently, there is no speech recognition available to czech. But, i would not use it anyway. I am ok with English, it force me to speak better, thats ok. Its worse with the location names like "minvody" "tbilisi" "bazenvile" "whatever-mer". I can imagine you got me. I would say, on Caucasus, it is harder for englishmen than for czech. Thats why it would be welcome to be able to selcet ATC somehow without trying to tell the location name and get 20x unrecognized. Learning the speech recognition for certain words, or e
  8. Damn. This would help me a lot as foreigner. So far, I mostly need to play mission twice - first time, I am focused on text, because I cant take the info from voice good. Second time, I am actually playing the mission, keeping the custom messages in head:-) Hopefully in future it will log it.
  9. Hello, I have a serious problem with "select" "ATC" , because I am literally unable to spell the names as foreigner. I always manually tune the frequency, but without select, it will be still calling to last ATC. Is there a chance, I can somehow set, that the manual selection of Frequency will select correct ATC on that frequency? Got PRO license. Or any other bypass to dont need ATC slection command, when I actually tune the frequencies correctly manually? Thanks very much EDIT: I started filling dictionary with my English. Somehow it can chew it, and I can
  10. Labels. Added new small neutral dot label. Wow, if its adopted on multiplayer servers, I may start trying MP again. I was not able to handle it anymore in RIFT S without dots at least.
  11. Switch it back already please. This is hell. Dont using it since the change. Just waiting for switching it back. This cant be serious. I dont remember when I heard that someone enjoy complete retheme. People are tired of learning same thing from start all over just for design change.
  12. Hey, How is the new external model of A-10C II in VR? I am crazy that this is most important for me at the moment? Already bought anyway but I am playing on Stable only. So anyone tell me please? pretty please
  13. Shibiswag, are you sure the dcs is the right game for you? So rage..
  14. As razo+r told you. Make sure you are on a friendly airfield. Neutral is not enough and you can ofcourse start on neutral. Quick missions are mostly on neutral airfields and without correct comm frequencies presets.
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