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  1. Not if you are looking down in the cockpit and licking stationary buttons and switches. A small slice of of the outside world in your periphery is not going to cause vertigo if you are using the freeze function as intended.
  2. Is there an option to freeze or pause the VR headset? This is what I used with TIR. I mapped a button on my HOTAS so I could pause head movement. While it was paused, I mouse around over the switches and nobs, then quickly unpause the headset to go about my business looking around. Using the wands is not an option, and even if you have a button box, there are some things you need to do in VR. To be clear, the pause mapping is an option in the TIR software. So it would probably have to be implemented by the VR hardware manufacturer? What a pisser.
  3. Ok, so without the base stations, I am limited to 3DOF? I checked on the PiMax store, and the single SteamVR base station is sold out and the product page for the dual base staions says "Please do not purchase this product separately, it's only available on Vision 8K X full bundle." I'm a bit confused as to what I need to run 6DOF in IL2 and DCS with an Artisan or 5K+. I have been using 6DOF with TIR for over 10 years and Oculus supports 6DOF it natively. I am guessing you have the base stations?
  4. I'm looking to upgrade from Oculus to PiMax, probably the 5k. Do I need the base stations or wands that are sold separately? I generally don't use the oculus ones, but rather use the mouse in cockpit. Also, I plan to use a buttonbox, will I be able to peek under the PI visor like I do with the Oculus? Thanks!
  5. Using TM Warthog without Target. How would I set TMS long to the same button as TMS Short?
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