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  1. Let´s see how it will perform. I hope though that the VR shader mod still will work with the new clouds.
  2. Note that the Mi-24 Hind is Pre-Sale, not Early Acces yet. I made this mistake when I jumped in Pre-ordering, but it´s only a minor mistake, since this is a No-brainer buy for me. I guess the Mosquito will come as Early Access together, or close after, version 1.2.7 OB is released, so I will be occupied for some time after that and until the Hind will arrive in Early Acces.
  3. I cannot see why You shouldn´t be abe to use it in SP. You might need to "jump" to the radio operators seat to set the radios, but I´m quite sure that You can communicate via the radios from the Pilot´s seat. With a WW2 aircraft I even don´t think that there will be alot of frequency changes required during a flight. Maybe the Mosquito comes with some kind of simple Autopilot to keep it level and follow the heading it had at AP engagement, just like we have in the Huey.
  4. It works fine, but for each PD change You must restart DCS to see the effect.
  5. Not sure what happened, but restarting DCS helped getting the VAICOM Kneeboard back together with my own custom Kneeboard page.
  6. Yes my own custom Kneeboard page works fine, but the the VAICOM pages don´t show up.
  7. Adding custom Kneeboard pages to f.ex: C:\Users\[User Name]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\FA-18C_hornet\ ....removes the VAICOM Kneeboard pages. How to fix ?
  8. Lost the outer wing, but weapons and pylons still fly in formation with me:
  9. Great news . This module felt very finished at release, but enhancements are always welcomed. I think this module is underrated by the community - but I can highly recommend it.
  10. Yep - and now the Fishbed is flyable again - time to re-learn this bird
  11. Will AIRIO be extended with Jester "Target size switch" and TWS-M ?
  12. When ripple firing 2 x AGM-65D against 2 diferent targets with Handoff, only the first missile detonates on impact.
  13. I just saw the changelog: "DCS: The Channel Map by ED, Optimized VRAM meets 4GB requirements." But after todays update the Channel map still runs with very low FPS compared to other maps- so no real optimation performance wise for me.
  14. A short notice about a possible delay from Bignewy or Nineline would be great
  15. The main bugs are those of the radar and should be of high priority. For now it makes the Mig-21 more or less unusable for how it´s meant to be used.
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