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  1. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/275574-patch-status
  2. I think "overpriced" is an entirely subjective term. I don't find $40 to be terribly expensive these days, and given that CF does things that nothing out there will do...I plan to buy it and keep using it.
  3. Does X: Set Command (78 ) work to turn the smoke on? If so, you might use X: Start Wait User Response to set a flag that, when true, the X: Set Command (78 ) is performed and a message "smoke on" is displayed.
  4. You don't say what it's doing, just that it doesn't work, but my guess is that you always have a message "smoke is on" message displayed for ten seconds. I think the problem is related to the range you have set for "X: Cockpit argument in range". You have the minimum value set at 0 and the max set at 1 for a togglable argument. When the argument is false (smoke is off), its value should be 0, and when it's true (smoke is on), its value should be 1. Your trigger is therefore always true whether smoke is actually switched on or not. Try changing your minimum value to some value greater than 0
  5. Gripes, I wasn't offering the historical perspective in the article, but the procedural aspects of it. Getting the effects you want from a GPS-guided weapon (i.e. getting the weapon on target) is not easy. A key point here: 6-digit grids are 10-digit grids with the 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th digits truncated for the sake of brevity. JTAC gives only the digits you need to get the job done. (I'm sure YOU know this, but there may be some who don't or haven't considered it.) I agree completely with your point that you can take the 6-digit grids from the JTAC as a cue for the jet's onboard senso
  6. It's fairly easy to enter three dimensional GPS coordinates into your jet, but not that easy to actually get those three dimensional coordinates with the level of precision necessary to deliver the weapon. Here's a link to a good (and unfortunately fairly lengthy) explanation of the process and equipment between the spotter in the field and the pilot in the jet: https://devilofhistory.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/between-sensor-and-shooter-the-point-positioning-data-base-part-one/
  7. Concur. I'd love to see something like that. As it stands now, you can't change which aircraft goes to which parking spot without either making it UNCONTROLLED or by starting over with a new mission. It's a HUGE pain. Rumor has it that this is still EA, though. I imagine this'll get fixed.
  8. The short answer is, "Yes and no." I'm using this technique in a mission I'm building, but not across coalitions.
  9. Chuck, Under ADVANCED ACTIONS for the 109's WP1, you can use PERFORM COMMAND > TRANSMIT MESSAGE to do this. As Toutenglisse says, it allows you to select a sound file and an accompanying "subtitle" which will show on screen as a written message. You just need to make sure that the 109 is on your desired frequency.
  10. That makes sense. I've been putting a STOP WAIT USER RESPONSE after every START WAIT USER RESPONSE (Flag Forward) just to keep things tidy.
  11. Eduardo, This is awesome...seems like it's also a much quicker way to offer mission branch options than the F10 Radio items.
  12. Search isn't working for me. Tried variations on the words, "bomb" and "bombing" and didn't get a single hit. That can't be right.
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