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  1. I'm sorry I was in a hurry so I wrote it wrong. My warthog broke down a month ago so I started thinking what to buy I liked winwing Orion but that detents seems eazy to push from videos so I bought super Taurus that didn't deliver yet. Thanks Send from my Poco F2
  2. I had same problem 2 weeks ago because my warthog throttle broke, so I buy super Taurus. From all videos I've seen it seems so easy to push. Send from my Poco F2
  3. Hello, I couldn't find link to winwing discord, could anyone send me invite thanks. Send from my Poco F2
  4. Check bindings for views not sure tho. Send from my Poco F2
  5. Yeah you're right my bad. But still he could have maxed out 1 or both cores so it's bottlenecking GPU. Send from my Poco F2
  6. Yes I think it's normal, dcs uses just 1 core for nearly everything, so cpu is bottlenecking. Or also it could be fps cap for vr headset if you using one, I have cv1 and if my pc can't render 90 FPS it will lock on 45 and render "fake frames". More aws (Asynchronous SpaceWarp) https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/native/pc/asynchronous-spacewarp/ Send from my Poco F2
  7. Hello, I found difficult to see through new symbols on map, would be possible to add slider to increase or decrease opacity of it. Thanks Send from my Poco F2
  8. According to latest newsletter something like that should be coming soon. "In order to smoothly transition between the Air Boss station, Briefing Room, and LSO station, we have created a special Camera Route Editor and an advanced view system" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/newsletters/newsletter15102021-44zqxztcc5wrzd40qw4c8srq1r1almua.html Send from my Poco F2
  9. How much tam you have could be that your ram ran out of space. Send from my Poco F2
  10. Yup that's right. Send from my Poco F2
  11. Repair dcs and try again.
  12. Do you have a graphics driver installed? Try repair dcs and delete fxo in saved games. here "C:\Users\%username%\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\fxo" After that try it again, your game may load little bit longer it need rebuild fxo again.
  13. No problem enjoy! Send from my Poco F2
  14. Do you running any mods also post dcs.log that's located in saved games. Send from my Poco F2
  15. A bit off topic but harpoon is still not synced in mp or it was just bug on my side?
  16. I can't remember but I think it's alt+F1 or ctrl+F1 Send from my Poco F2
  17. It works fine for me Send from my Poco F2
  18. First try restart pc if that doesn't help Try repair + cleanup https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/repair/ And try again. Send from my Poco F2
  19. Try turn off msaa and turn ssaa that should be fix for that. Send from my Poco F2
  20. It's coming later in updates. Send from my Poco F2
  21. Could you post log file. C:\Users\\Saved Games\DCS\Logs Send from my Poco F2
  22. Yeah it's possible but pc's wouldn't handle that... I think nineline wrote something into comments on this topic. Send from my Poco F2
  23. Also I think shadows does not fit with the angle of the sun. When I get home I will test it again. Send from my Poco F2
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