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  1. Yeah I did. Vysoká = High Extrémní = extreme Výchozí = default... I will test it again tomorrow.
  2. I just test it, i´ve had about 70-77 FPS at your setting. My specs: CPU AMD R7 3800x RAM 2x16 Gskill 3600 CL16 dcs on M2 GPU GTX 1080ti From Gigabyte
  3. No I think they will implement it eventually. But I think you can remember first is for sp second is MP and third is screenshots.
  4. So you own aircraft but it shows you need buy them? Try repair and cleanup. Standard aircraft in dcs is su-25 and mustang other map and planes you need buy. Also make sure you logged in with right account.
  5. Hello, try renaming your dcs folder in saved games "C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta" to DCS.openbeta1 for examle, you have some mods here and try run dcs again. Don´t worry about your configs they are still in renamed folder. In case it still dosen´t work delete new folder that dcs created and rename your "old" dcs folder back to DCS.openbeta so your configs are back and contact support https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/.
  6. Hello, im running on 20h2 and everything works fine. Please attach the dcs.log file from your C:\Users\<UserName>\Saved Games\DCS\Logs folder. Thanks
  7. Post track file here. I just tried and worked fine.
  8. Because you have system on it. Odesláno z mého POCO F2 Pro pomocí Tapatalk
  9. It's been here pretty long time I thing it's feature. Odesláno z mého POCO F2 Pro pomocí Tapatalk
  10. Hello I found bug with nws button, I also checked settings if there's something else assigned on button where I have nws... when we landed on carrier cvn-72 and press nws steering it lock some target friend confirmed too.
  11. Have you tried repair? What gpu driver version you have? What graphics setting you have? And log would help most.
  12. Hello, I don't know. But when something goes wrong (something doesn't work properly) I turn off battery + both generators, then turn on all of them again it mostly repair bug, but don't know if it will works when something hit you.
  13. You mean manual to aircraft or what you need do in mission I think you can screenshot mission briefing or press alt+b. Don't know any other solution.
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