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  1. figured out how to upload track. As you will see The laser never fires after bomb release. Works just fine before drop f16 bomb track.trk
  2. never posted a track so dont know how. I had followed both GR and wags. Laser arm on, ground mode. CCRP mode. First trigger laser will fire before I drop a bomb. But the instant a bomb comes off the rail it wont fire any more.
  3. Learning to drop GBU. Laser will fire before i drip a GBU. But after the bomb drops laser wont fire thus bomb misses.
  4. Can you elaborate more? If you are moving the marker around in the hud (i dont remember what it is called) it will remain on what ever piece of terrain you marked. You dont have to TMS forward anything to "ground stabilize"
  5. Hey guys, Im looking to make a custom campaign and 2 important features in it will be AI jets doing SEAD and using JAMMERS for, well, jamming sam sites. Ive played around with the editor some but not as much as I would like. Are the above possible and if so how do i go about doing it in the editor?
  6. Considering the F16 is on sale dirt cheap so quick and probably wont be for a long time, id get the F16 cheap while you can
  7. I want to hear your tips n tricks you learned flying this wonderful bird. From the complex to the simple.
  8. Learning to use mission editor. I want infantry to spawn attacking a fob, when they are destroyed or say, 75% destroyed a 2nd to spawn. then 3rd, ect. I know it would probably be with triggers but.....yeah. Thanks!
  9. So I have recently taken up dcs (finally after several years following) and been playing with the a10c. Now I am ready to dive into a fighter. Thinking either the F16 or F14. I guess the F18 is an option but I have always loved the F14 (who hasnt) and if I am going to pick a carrier based plane it will be the F14. My point is, those of you familiar with both, pros and cons? Weapons platform, flight model? Yes I know 1 is fly by wire and other isnt. I am also very interested in the phoenix missile
  10. smart man. ill have to try that out
  11. maybe the new a10 coming out soon will have said feature???
  12. Started playing the campaign that comes with the a10c. in the missions there is a jtac and gives attack coords of GG328466. I know this is supposed to go into the CDU but from there im lost trying to figure it out and i cant find anything decent information. (maybe im looking in the wrong place) Can someone give me a run down on what to do with those numbers to get on target?
  13. im not sure. ive noticed my leds flicker from time to time...
  14. and what would a device that doesnt suck be
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