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  1. Yep, MGF hasn't had time to update it yet. There are a few differences. Another one is that the Heel Stop is removable, held on by 2 screws.
  2. The V3 have been shipped with ready-made damper mounts for weeks. Just FYI.
  3. Hey there! If you are not the same person that I was recently speaking to, try saying the numbers in your native language. If you are the same person, nice job figuring it out!
  4. It was working for me over free weekend. Timestamped
  5. MFG Crosswind V3 come with damper mounting holes now. I used a M8x40 with 2 bolts as spacers on the top. I used a M8x25 on the bottom.
  6. Bailey


    Yep, I have a JF-17 profile here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308755/ Unfortunately the JF-17 radio is full of presets and it's not easy to "just change it" if you dont know what you are doing. Just skimming the presets here...the caucasus airports are all there. Otherwise if your airport freq does not end in ".500" or ".000", you are likely out of luck. IDK how VAICOM handles that situation. I recorded this video 10 minutes ago, so the VAP is still workin'. (Yay!)
  7. I believe I remember looking at this specific function and observing that it did not work.
  8. I just re-read your question. The answer is "who knows, it's DCS". Irl there are an interesting types of things that can create dead spots when you are relatively close to the transmission source.
  9. Six digits is not required. Three digits after the decimal is required. So, in this case the freq you type is 38.620. Yes, that is true depending on the location.
  10. If you can provide data about what the "correct" numbers should be, surely ED will take it into account.
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