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  1. For the person(people) maintaining a .miz, those two are listed as Adana Lark North and South in the google doc.
  2. C Seems the best to me considering VR users and ease of updates.
  3. Here DCS FC3 VoiceAttack by Bailey v1.1 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305691/
  4. It was "right" when they did it in the ME. Times have sense changed. If you notice, the in-game ATC says it correctly.
  5. I have a flatscreen 34inch ultrawide flanked by two 27inch monitors. It turns out that the pixel height is the same, which results in a matching vertical between the monitors. I personally avoid curved screens as I do enough video and photo editing for the curved features to get to my head. Straight lines on curved screens aren't really straight anymore. Anything less than a 34inch ultrawide and you start getting the mail-slot effect.
  6. Source is discord. Yes, I was talking about Cyprus.
  7. Changed to April 7th. Also, the Syria map expansion is said to not have been ready for 2.7 yet.
  8. Yes, that one has been spotted and noted. Keep those eyes sharp, I feel like there are a few more out there that have not yet been discovered. And maybe a few more that are coming with the Syria map expansion!
  9. For some reason the Stable Installer does not let you chose the location, but the Openbeta Installer does. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/
  10. Chart is kind of outdated. Take out T-34. Replace P-3 with P-8. That would be a bit more accurate. Might do well to remove F-18C/D, EA-6B, and a few of the choppers too.
  11. No. More like "what you see is what you get". Not everyone is getting good results.
  12. That makes more sense. But I believe that the point stands because it is what you actually "see", rather than the resolution. You brain may not notice that it is looking at a lower resolution, but it sees that it looks just as good as the other setting.
  13. So if you do 210% Global + 520% App, the result would be 530% total? As for the video, I think that the "point" was that you can get out some frames with some interesting settings and still have similar visual quality.
  14. (That is not my video.) How does it interact if "per app" does not replace "global"?
  15. "Told ya" "DCS' Pixel Density, set in the VR tab in its settings, seems to disproportionally affect framerate performance with a worse picture, as compared to SteamVR's supersampling at equivalent and even lower resolutions."
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