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  1. in ME you can easily create new loadout that will be available in rearm and refuel window
  2. oh yeah, like in ARMA where you should turn on the flash light to see better the map
  3. Hello, I have Steam Index + base stations that are fixed to walls. Every time I start DCS the position where my vr headset situated when the game initialises will be the zero position in the game, so I need to recenter view every time if the headset wasn't on my head the moment the game launched. Is there a way to tell dcs to save my desired center head position so it keeps it event AFTER the restart ??? I don't want to manually recenter my position every time since my simpit is in fixed spot and not moving. I hope I am clear. Thanks :pilotfly:
  4. Yeah, surf the vibe n collect the cash !!!
  5. The question was already asked few post before but nobody responded... Is there a way to work on lua without restarting DCS every time to see the result ?
  6. Make shure to refuel before attempt to start ...
  7. You are describing paid addon module here man
  8. I overcome this issue pausing the mission and taking my time to read. Pause button on your keyboard near print screen.
  9. That picture has a longer exposure time, that why it shows so bright. But also so beautiful.
  10. You have to use finger lifts and then cut off, thats why
  11. try to recalibrate your throttle with the bar, it should be good i think.
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