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  1. Yeah sure +1 but afaik that's a thing of DCS's core and not devs making Mi-24
  2. SmukY

    Subtitles for AI

    Damn I knew I closed the video too soon, I didn't even saw there was actual flying and even shooting ingame footage, I thought it's only talk and my understanding of russian is below average. Also yeah, it's nice to see those subtitles and I think we hearing impaired can be without fear for not having subtitles. Thanks!
  3. SmukY

    Subtitles for AI

    In that interview with Pilotmi8? On what timestamp?
  4. Hello, here I am, making another wish related to the subtitles being a deaf wanker I am (sorry, I like to joke on my account from time to time ) I'm making another request so I am not making same mistake again as I did with Heatblur when I sort of asked kinda too late for subtitles for Jester since he was already pretty much completed and programmed that way it's unfortunately very, very hard to add any subtitles to him so all I can understand that he is having a laugh of his life when I miss the basket ( ). Maybe they will add them later but they can't promise anything though.
  5. To be honest, it makes more sense to me. Althought hind being robust and not technology packed as other DCS counterparts (Ka-50 for example) it still has more systems than Mosquito does, and let's not forget helicopter physics are slightly more difficult to program than fixed wing so to me it makes a more sense if Mozzie arrived before the Hind - althought being a first twin engined WW2 prop multirole combat aircraft in DCS, thus making a new milestone for ED.
  6. Neatly built, I like it. I asked you already before, but I don't believe I got the answer, so I am trying it again, did you made the stencil by yourself (i mean the drawing in illustrator, coreldraw...)? I like it alot, is there any possibility for you to share it with me? Oh, are you going to stay on monitor or will switch eventuelly to VR? Monitor seems to be quite far away to be honest.
  7. The only problem I find that is ED only makes and will publish one helicopter ... and it's not the OH-58. To be honest I'm not that eager about OH-58 because by last demo videos flight model seemed to be quite arcadey like the DCS: Gazelle. For example, OH-58D was completely still in the hover even after launching 2 hellfire missiles (fun fact ... one missile weights around ~50kg and that's quite a number) and there was no weight shifting at all, that made me to completely lose any faith in the module. When I pointed that out in the stream many angry fans practically attacked me and told me it
  8. Yes Hinds whole fuselage aside from the cockpit is slightly inclined to the right for negating rotor's lateral lift at higher speed (can be clearly seen in DCS on Ka-50's lower rotor at higher speeds, and if you go too fast, you risk collision of lower and upper rotor). Trimming this helo should be an piece of cake contrary to Mi-8 which clearly tilts a lot at higher speeds.
  9. SmukY

    Damage model

    Wow, that's quite a higher survival ratio than I thought at first. Well, it is indeed a flying tank if nothing else. Should be more tougher than Mi-8 that's for sure. Also since updated damage model for WW2 is already out, and since ED promised it will do advanced damage model for other modern modules I really want to know if the hind will come already with updated one or it will be added later like it damage model for WW2 module was recently just added.
  10. I just tried F-14A, I actually like the engines and their afterburner effect, althought I unfortunatelly didn't manage to stall them. Anyway, thank you for subtitling the campaing - I will try it. About Jester, what I can say. I'll perhaps ask again in the end of the next year so I won't be poking that much so that you can focus on a (i presume) already prelaid plan and do what is most important to your team and of course to us so that we can enjoy the 'cat to the maximum. Be good and stay healthy.
  11. SmukY

    Damage model

    Well, Stinger actually can do a lot of damage especially on direct hits. You can check some actual footages of various helicopters shotdowns by various missiles. Especially in cases when tail just falls of and it's practically impossible to save damaged aircraft as such.
  12. Congratulations on the promising results of your hard work, I truly believe that A version will be an amazing addition to the DCS World. We only can be thankful for your work, especially around those uncertain times. It's been quite a time, so I'll ask again, are any changes about that subject - subtitles for Jester? Thanks, be good and stay healthy.
  13. Just saw your post on the FB group, what have you done is simply amazing - too bad I don't have the place for my own cockpit, but who knows, maybe one day ... :) Also, did you make the vector image for the stencil on the wall?
  14. Faking with animations? Ka-50 has already one that's fully functional and it does everything what you describe. althought i do admit i don't remember if the pitot tube reacts on the cannon and rocket fire. Would be a nice addition if it would.
  15. There are actually quite some videos of hinds using bombs, for example this one in Syria: https://www.military.com/video/operations-and-strategy/air-strikes/mi-24s-bomb-syrian-rebels/4750377259001
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