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  1. I know it's just been teased but come on ED! This IS what you're trying to tell us - we are getting an AH-64D Longbow! Please, please, please, please please - give us more details! Officially! How far are you with building the module? Is it 2021 or rather "beyond"...? How the hell did you acquire the licence to model a "D"?! Damn it - sleepless night for me...
  2. For me this is the best news of the year!
  3. Track Reply now attached to first post. Thanks
  4. [REPORTED]Internal Lighting Switch changes pages displayed on MFDs Hello, I looked for this one but couldn't find it anywhere so here goes: *** CIRCUMSTANCES: - Pylon 8 carries AGM-65E - Pylon 7 carries AGM-65F - Pylon 4 carries TPOD - A/G mode enabled - Both AGM-65s are warmed up and the left MFD is displaying MAVF video feed - TPOD is warmed up and the right MFD is displaying FLIR page which is SOI ACTION: - switching from NITE to DAY with the internal lighting switch [MODE Switch, NVG,NITE,DAY] RESULTS: - Left MFD switches to MAV laser sensor "cross" - Right MFD
  5. With the nice weather outside I've been staying away from the forums and announcements lately. However, 4 new Hornet videos on Mr. Wagner's yt channel in the last 12 hours and P47 + Channel Map heaven flooding the media ;) made me question myself: are we getting a patch today?
  6. Dear ED, Would it be possible to make the font and symbollogy thickness on the HUD and all 3 MFDs scallable from the Special menu in DCS? I play in 32:9 aspect and zoom out to maintain appropriate cockpit size. Unfortunately, the digits and letters on the above mentioned displays don't scale down and "melt into one big green blob". The only way I managed to fix this issue was editing those values inside .cfg files. However, this feels like an inappropriate approach to the problem, doesn't fix the issue on the bottom MFD and obviously gets overwritten with every patch. Please, consider i
  7. In real life, is there a way to make the Pod "look" where we point with the JHMCS cross? Is it coming to the Charlie?
  8. Hi, Just noticed that the nation flag for Poland is actually flipped upside down which makes it an Indonesian flag.. :) Please fix ;)
  9. I knew about the MiG-15. Didn't think there were others that are that broken.. Tomcat or Hornet don't have infinite energy...
  10. Hi, Apart from the fact that all AI aircraft fly perfect manoeuvres yet using the simplified flight model on highest skill level, is the JF-17 borked at the current state? I find it difficult (to say the least) to achieve the climb rates and speed conservation seen with the AI Thunder when flying it myself. Any thoughts?
  11. Hi, I've just changed the cams and springs on my joystick (Virpil VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base + VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm + VPC V.F.X Grip) to a set of non-centring, thinner ones and received a much softer and lighter movement but I'm not sure if this is actually closer of further away from reality. How hard was operating the stick in the Tomcat? I know describing this is challenging but if you know, at least say if it required as "much" force as moving the stick in the TM HOTAS Warthog. What I've got now is actually much lighter than that. Thanks
  12. Great work! Can't wait for this to be released!
  13. You, read these two correctly but choose not to see the 2 lines above, especially the second one which my original question was about: TWS with range >10NM: LTE 3s, loft, SARH/DL, missile goes active at 16 seconds time-to-impact PDSTT with range >10NM: LTE 3s, loft, SARH/DL, missile does not go active (SARH/DL all the way to target) TWS or PDSTT with range <10NM, or PH ACT selected: LTE 3s, no loft, active directly after launch PSTT or BRSIT or (ACM cover up with no track or PSTT or PDSTT): LTE 1s (unless STT and angle >15deg then 3s), no loft, active immediately Perhaps y
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