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  1. Too bad about the seasons. The winter mountain snowline so close to the sea makes for a great vista.
  2. Lebanon Ministry of Defense in Yarze has large helipad areas. I've seen 2 helos on the pads at once many times. Large ones as well. See yellow area on the map. Unfortunately the DCS Syria map does NOT have the big ministry of defense compound modeled, nor the helipads. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Ministry+of+Defense/@33.8408869,35.5559458,503m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x151f17f0ee3454d1:0xa95f7345dcb39fed!8m2!3d33.842123!4d35.5529725
  3. The area of the Map in Lebanon has way too many mosques. Any high structure has been converted into mosques. For example, the Chekka area has 3 cement factories. All those have turned into mosques ( 34.19N, 35.44E). That's the reason for mosques right by the piers, which are piers for the factories. Many more areas are like that, and the most obvious ones being of course in the Christian areas of Lebanon. That's why it's so glaring.
  4. I've been playing DCS in VR ever since it was an option. VR is really the only way to play flight sims that need immersion, as it gives you a subconscious feeling of the environment (as long as the physical modeling in-game is good enough). You don't necessarily feel it in jets, but in helicopters it is shocking, in a great way. In VR you feel the machine like you never could with a 3-screen display in 8k, even with the first gen VR rigs. I have an ancient mildly overclocked 4Ghz/980i with medium settings but could never go back to a screen when flying helos or piloting a plane. On the other
  5. I recommend leaving it linear but cutting off the movement at 90% on both stick axes (i.e. you never move more than 90% of maximum even if you go all the way to the edge).
  6. Classic ED problem. Wingmen handle throttles as binary: Slow or afterburner. In many missions you'll see the wingman literally bail out while still ingressing to target.
  7. Try the Caucasus reactor strike misson. Here the wingman breaks all records and runs out of fuel half-way to the target. Wingman AI has been broken forever.
  8. The 4th waypoint is home base (HB). That one works fine. I confirm that Initial Point (IP) and Surface Target (ST) are missing.
  9. I've never tried 250kts, I was generally at 350kts at half power. I'll try that next, to see if I can keep that idiot alive. The mission being pretty easy, this is a good challenge. Questions about the mission though: 1- There are two caution lights on, from the mission start: - WING SWEEP: I thought this should only happen from damage - CADC: Failure in the air data computer, what's that? 2 - CCRP doesn't work, the diamond marker always flashes and doesn't lock. Does that have anything to do with the caution lights? Looking at the mission in the editor, nothing is set to
  10. Don't feel bad, most of the pre-built missions have the waypoints already entered in as you step into the cockpit. That's why so many videos makers forget to point that out.
  11. The wheel is not automatic. It changes the release timing based on what entry is selected in the wheel. So make sure you select the correct ordnance, or (when using bombs) whatever computed impacted point will be wrong. You have to flip up the switches for stations 3,4,5,6 in RIO (or use jester command). And of course master arm on.
  12. Iceman won't take control and keep the plane level if there are any pilot actions on the flight surfaces. This includes the plane not being level, or the trim being too aggressive. This is of course wrong from a UX perspective, and hopefully it'll be fixed soon. In the meantime, level the plane and keep the trim centered before jumping seats, and the autolevel will work.
  13. Wingman always bingo fuels in the mission. In trying to keep formation, he alternates between speed brakes and afterburner, dramatically reducing his range. If you fly slow it improves his range, but never enough to have him able to return home. Also having him trail is slightly better than other formations it seems. It's probably nothing you can fix, but it's surprising that he's so inefficient even with external fuel tanks (which you don't have yourself).
  14. Did anyone notice that the GBU-16 falls way in front of the diamond marker when in TGT mode, no lantirn? I do select the GBU-16 in the RIO scroller, and I've tried straight and level, shallow dive, different speeds, etc... The bombs always fall about 100-200m ahead of the diamond.
  15. The bandits remain unknown although the RWR is screaming 31s, the awacs is calling bandits, and even jester is saying "let's do this". And when I go into STT there's an instant lock.
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