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  1. I have also had this experience with my WMR. Once it started happening if I swapped to a different airframe it would continue to happen also but ever sense I upgraded to the reverb I have not had this happen so far.
  2. Does anyone know what weapons this is? Is it the 802?
  3. @Northstar98 you mentioned the threat rings are perfect and preset, question do these rings get placed in before hand in to the system? That will mean the threat rings will only be available for already know location correct? always wondered how the F-16 had those rings.
  4. Like I said in my other post I’m not saying your incorrect in any of your reports cause again I don’t know the first thing about coding. I also could have explained it better when I used you as an example. It wasn’t meant to sound like you specifically don’t report on other modules. Was more pointing out people don’t report on other modules just cause of how it compares to another module. (Shouldn’t have used your name) Except that’s clearly the case here lol Apologies for that. I more hi jacked your thread (apologies) to point out a issue I still believe is embedded in DCS towards th
  5. So if the F-16 was better then any other radar you’ll demand it gets nurfed without documentation? I’m not saying don’t point out every single flaw, but I am saying back it up and just cause another module can’t that’s just being biased. Have evidence just like ANY other module does. The JF seems to be the only module where it’s excepted to say it wrong without documented evidence. im also not arguing the radar needs tweaking I myself through a educated guess would think a off the shelf radar wouldn’t be better then some of the most advanced fighter aircraft radars. But I’ll speak up
  6. Actually it can remove all the clutter completely but you’ll also never find a contact either as it will be hidden under the threshold. Which is why we have both cause one CANNOT work without the other effectively. but I doubt DCS considers anti-clutter circuits and just try and replicate Doppler. The radars we use irl which also are Doppler radars are not so automated and don’t need to have speed gates and I doubt you’ll ever find a anti-submarine radar with any such gates. Cause the operator will determine what clutters circuits will be used and threshold with Doppler to determine t
  7. It’s not only Doppler that’s removes ground clutter in most search radars. Most of it is removed due to anti clutter circuits. Your statements not wrong but not exactly correct there’s more to it. For example FTC is a common one to remove clouds and weather, CFAR is good for setting a threshold for ground clutter and detecting something not typical ground tree clutter.
  8. Either way the possibility to add the CM-400akg and the other LS-6’s is great news. Will make this the best anti-shipping in DCS at the moment possibly. I wonder if it can carry duel LS-6 100/250. I predict that it will be single pylons.
  9. But is the smoke coming from the rockets a big problem. The graphics show very little smoke from the BRM’s compared to the SD-10’s
  10. From what I have managed to find out so far is that it lofts from very high up and it strikes from above at very very high speeds, beyond Mach 5+. it has a powerful penetration warhead which might mean we may finally have a weapon system that may very well stand a chance against warships and do real damage.
  11. Curious question shouldn’t the bore sighting also be something the F-18 should be doing also? I’m a little confused as to why this feature is only exclusive to the f-16. As the F-18 is coming to a end I don’t see any hints ED is implementing this to the F-18 so it seems to me the F-18 isn’t planned to get it.
  12. Do you know what radar they used to to test for this data? What size target is used? Is this a military radar flying through the sky. This looks to be ground based. Don’t take this as any insult or attack. These are legitimate questions.
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